Sunday, 18 September 2016

Least Minimal Good for Better Future

We are out, now. In places, all over city, or country. We often notice when we are outside, how civic amenities are making life feasible. Five years back, it was not the case. There were definite office and public hours. Mobiles made communication possible, yet services were limited. One could not get proper bedding and food at hotels.

Even now, some most popular tourist spots have poor accommodation infrastructure. If the weather would unpredictable, we were often stranded in traffic. Some travel spots were limited to boys/men only. Transport was not superior as now when we can hire a cab to any location.

When the time has changed now, don't we find ourselves pointing out faults in people, system and places. Sometimes pinches us, like sight of garbage, movement of animals, display of election campaigns and ads.

I concur nothing can change by our will but we can change a little that can help inculcate our attitude and expectations from others.

We should contribute a little towards general cleanliness, individual role behavior and being an approachable person.

By not throwing garbage at places, saying no for plastic bags, reporting to tourist stations about any bad and improper incidents, behaving with local people as civilized person, not expecting any undue help, returning or promising to help somehow for some kindly or exemplary gesture are some of few examples.

A little can go a long way to create a beautiful and strong India.