Sunday, 17 May 2020

Tryst with A New Me as Covid Thrives Speaking Tree BlogPost

First published in Speaking Tree

Survival is an interesting phenomenon. The world look forward to contributing trends that brings pace to the betterment of civilization. We went through globalization, global warming, threat of terrorism, gender inequality revolutions in current times. As and when we are facing Covid19 which affected over 4,744,492 people around the world, we witnessed the limited resources and inadequacy of the people and the system to address this problem. Do we really imagine the pandemic to be easily resolved by itself?
There are talks of COVID19 vaccine. The constructive theories of self recovery and precautions by following the healthy practices of Yoga and Ayurveda hold true to great strength. However we need to monitor our civil habits and situations to understand the common challenges we face and the major diseases that broke in the last 20 years. Pandemic diseases are most dangerous when they are communicable through air. Covid 19 is one such disease. A vaccine is good solution but our civil habits must improve to combat this disease wholly. Since our habits can help erase the time gap between the application of injection and the treatment or cure. The spectrum of disease, how it affects and at what stage or how it actually gets cured gives a direct hint that responsibility lies on general masses to overrule this disease ourselves. If only we resolutely work to fight this disease, we will get rid of this.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Think of Life - Kyoka

think of life
as an untrodden path
often but so
when I sit, I rejoice
little songs the birds make

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Monday, 27 April 2020

Gallery: Routine

Friday, 24 April 2020


First Published on Story Mirror.

A butterfly hovers over the flowers,
a pitch in the sky is lit
with its wings,
skipping the breeze.

Saplings rise from the earth,
its tiny leaves stretch
to the sky,
warm with sunlight.

Doves flanking a patch,
their cooing in silence
deepens and restful,
sifting the sand

The sky broader with clouds,
transcending with light
a new morning,
all hope and beauty.

Silent Roads

First Published on Story Mirror.

Silent roads,
Changing tracks

I jot thoughts 
Unaware of everyone

Even as in spill second
We can be over the horizon

Now the present this stillness
About my presence.

Morning Naad

First Published on Story Mirror.

Morning *naad
Only the cluck of utensils

A little sound is joy,
A birdsong, a broken kite, an old tree
All in prevalence

I stopped watching news early

On a paper: updating the new changes
These few remaining days of lockdown

I unnerve myself
I put my hands in air
Pull a mask
Put it back
And inhale a deep breath.


First Published on Story Mirror.

Silence in my room
The daylight shifts from
One place to another

Nothing so strange
As death the constant cawing
Of a crow 

We at places calm as the sea
Each ebb of the tide
Against the shore

I start thinking
Life again.