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The Way

How far is the way

the ways to walk

the ways to catch first sunshine

the ways to reach our home

the ways to climb and manifest

the ways to challenge and prove

the ways to be left alone and bask ourselves

the ways secret for the world

but to ourselves.


When it is about escape, the chance of observing life is unfailing. Still one has no hold on every enveloping circles of routine, one cannot empower dullness. Everything settled and evaporating.

round the wheel is almost


How Lord Krishna employs Advaita Vedanta encapsulating the ultimate God concept?

Lord Krishna, an avatar of God Vishnu on earth must signify to concept of Constructive realism of God Vishnu as Palankarta (Protector) according to Hinduism. With various schools of religious study the concept of One God is relevant in Hinduism and can be achieved equally through any of Divine forms.

In Gita, Chapter 10 dedicates to the understanding of God as whole being that is only possibility and completeness.

Excerpts from The Gita - Lord Krishna has been used.

Chapter 10 Shloka 20

I, O Gudakesha (the conqueror of slumber) am the soul, seated in the heart of all beings. I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all lives.

Lord Krishna on request of Arjuna clears how He could be envisaged in thoughts and lead through life. Essentially God is essence of life or continuum of time by virtue of which soul could liberate and realize the truth.

In nature He is manifested as below:

Chapter 10 Shloka 21

Among the sons of light I am Vishnu; of radiances, the Glorious Sun. I am the lord of…

Time Lapse

There is nothing
or there is not

there is ray and
warmth of it for long to stay

I hear shriveling words

in autumn and cold

when the Sun sets

some grass is burnt
at edge of horizon.