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Ceasefire Violation

A dwarf incarnation when covered whole universe
in three steps, Vamanadeva from Bali maharaja
unstimulated the need for selfish motives and desires.
Today we feed on fruits of non-violence
plucking from branches of tree called Mahatma Gandhi
in lack of whose wisdom Bharat was subdivided.
First incursions in Indian state ended up with 
loot wealth and prisoners of war, greed later
extended to lands and ruling power.

Today as principles are laid to fight
anarchism over democracy where
does Pakistan stop, not consider it a stoop.
Go away, khakis in greenish brown and beret cap
and show true worth of your valor
in saving lives of your people and living civilly.
If your guns are starting to get rust
devise some new games to entertain yourself
learning how to gauge between enemy and defensive
soldiers in emerald brown and guns in place.

Are you scared of mere a sight on borders
if not wall be raised, if raised
marks anguish by people who
have limited foresights and lack of horizon
gives them pain and feeling of demise
their pens, work, feelings and disposition
starts to effect and takes toll in shielding themselves
beyond reaches of both army leaders.

If you want a logic, there is no limit to indiscipline
what citizens on both sides could ask for,
lands, life, occupation, freedoms of kind, where
argumentative forces are blind and inefficient.
Does it takes effort to maintain a tough stance 
limited to people but of a different kind to opponency
ceasefire violation only show cowardice
a wrong way to address your fears
leaving no room for reasons of international foreign policy
enough history has been made and learned,
have you forget merits of your occupation.

Use of power lies only in peace
not in aggressive volition by leaders
as use of army lies in maintaining security
not in meeting false agendas raised by their leaders, 
fear a lot against civil uprising
those eyes that set a far will not think
everything justified, go play in field amongst
yourself, making equal friends and foes
and try to remember this game, 
being pawns in hands of corrupted democracy.


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