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The Lump

A lump in throat, a handful of kneaded dough, I threw on raised bank of river. Other weaver, sparrow and myna through branches of tree as they will glide will notice this trap and I will be long gone by. The last day an unnerving myna sat there and I took shot of half-flying wizard, blurring my snap. Today I shot their feed among them and with queer sense they flew away. Oblivion to events they may become in some time and as another passerby, morsel by morsel will divide the lump,                            the lump in my throat.

Nothing Best of Worse

In fight of morality and ego, we lost,
some precious gains of times gone by,
some renewed terms of being positive,
seeing better even in worse of conditions.
Eyes see objective struggle of strong winds,
ruthless suffering, presence of scars, decaying limbs,
definition of human where best achieved,
while contorted figures result as means of evolution.
Where will we go in long term, being sensitive,
to pain, struggle, comforts not limited local,
ceaseless efforts to bring it wide, spread around,
distinguish can be made but where are those minds.
To think not above necessity, desperate to learn environs,
need to bring only to surface where required,
before the whole world may be grasped in milieu,
also in total annihilation that results from roots.


I closed my doors to thunderous applause of clouds blackening the sky of its blue.
Freshly grown palm bent to place where it could be cared a broken pot, I desired to surrender.
I remembered ancient folks, warning signals my dog calmed by his dinner bounty in the flicker of scenery since cable was out.
The sounds of falling lose hedges, of attic door, a store basket on shelf patiently drew on me black of night.

Promising City

O, distant seeker! Let me reveal you, a fact.
What you came for here, is hard. This place seems to enchant to stranger and me wholesomely, the foundation of which rubbing bones against stones lay.
On its facade  which is of glass, a proper choice I must say, I see myself as an ant. The trail of workers leaving a scent and for once form a collage with their dint.