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My Poetry Experiments with Haiku

The problems one face when writing poetry in free verse and also considering haiku writing are abundant. I have been writing free verse since 2011. My use of free verse represent flow of thoughts and less of imagery. There are also concepts and themes associated when writing poems in free verse which translated into various images when I ventured into haiku world.

When I started writing haiku as part of prompt given by Haiku Heights, I followed only 5-7-5 syllable route. It was easy for me to pen my poems in three lines though with efforts.

I came to know about more metrics of real haiku when I joined Facebook group "IN haiku" started by Ms. Kala Ramesh. My first poems in this group were:

rail track
signpost on square
I try not to look

splashing waterfalls
cut noise further
I standing on bank of river

I used too many images, almost one in each line, overburdening it and leaving 80% on reader to interpret it!

Haiku is a Japanese poetry form in which using not more than two i…

A Knife Sharpener

This afternoon I heard as I woke up from nap
a call by a knife sharpener riding on bicycle
"get your knives and scissors sharpened."
Turn of events were bad some weeks back. My friend at city
called me to tell a murder in vicinity in broad daylight.
Terrified I equally, how dissimilar world do I live,
should I now adopt a veil for eluding to understand
much. Studied together in city, fates were not sealed forever.
She went for job while I married and settled in village.
Today, I cannot share this story with others and
at same time get my knives sharpened while I believe the latest
update since last we met. Fatefully surrounded by more
similar tools and my life without them cannot easily spend.
Slowly and slowly so easily it went scraping off
the uneasy parts of our bond and to erase off,
what left not there, a plain thought.
I have some knives still to get sharpened and better
I am off till to the next neighbor he is stranded.

Haiku 7

summer delight my wildest dreams under a shady tree

The Dawn

Before arrival of morning newspaper,
I often get up to noise of
dawn; adrak tea smearing somewhere.
Unguided eye observes a ritual
through ventilator of lower
storey; ringing of mild bell reaches here.
Signboards flash bright red,
and street lights glow orange. The first
sun rays strike sipping my morning tea
in time as I brush up the dawn.

My Poetry Experiments with Free Verse Part II

My two poetry books markedly show free verse. Below I am discussing how and why I inclined toward this form.

Straight From Life consists of poems partially rhythmic in nature but full of thoughts. Consistently it is the flow of thoughts that provided rhythm to poem and sometimes without intention it starts to rhythm with use of similar end syllables.

Extracts from poem "My Journey", one of poems in Straight from Life:

My Journey For all my efforts I felt anchored, my ship never sailed more than a mile. A little silver lining over a sky, I took my steps in weird world outside. Ways were curious of this mankind, I endeavor to carve a niche in this clime. I honestly can tell I failed more than twice, I hated myself for being inutile.
In this poem, there is resonance in second line of each of two-line stanza. In this sense, it is in form
x a, y a, z a form.

A second extract, "Problem" in Straight from Life:

Problem Of river dry, hopes still lie on small cloud floating above in sky t…

My Poetry Experiments with Free Verse

I started writing poetry in 2011. My intention was not to dabble in verses where rhythm and syllable are involved. There can be reasons behind writing poetry, not limited to expressing your feelings but widely many would claim it as a reason. Every mind has its own rational bend, it could be poetic in nature too.

I also started for same reason and most of times reasons came rushing to me widely based on state of human affairs. I choose free verse as a medium though as my thoughts flowed in my poetry, it became difficult for me to ignore slight rhythm to it. Thus, in some sense my first poetry book "Straight from Life" consists of work under uncategorized poetic form.

In my second work "Our Times," I still insisted on reasons behind various actions and emotions of human life and the effects we become interested in but I kept rhythm out of focus. This work is solely a free verse. Though I do not want to dwell on people reaction to my poems, I wanted to know about t…


In the corridors under the shade of your eyes,
what bearings may draw on my heart.
Last fullmoon night, your face shone like being accentuated,
an uninterrupted thought let me had no sleep.
How the day progressed without inkling,
of very presence, of being near you.
What new tidings it creates, unaware
of which you may cast another spell.
Let it be, if it meant to be fate
where joys, sorrows, hopes and wishes interplay.