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My Poetry Experiments with Free Verse Part II

My two poetry books markedly show free verse. Below I am discussing how and why I inclined toward this form.

Straight From Life consists of poems partially rhythmic in nature but full of thoughts. Consistently it is the flow of thoughts that provided rhythm to poem and sometimes without intention it starts to rhythm with use of similar end syllables.

Extracts from poem "My Journey", one of poems in Straight from Life:

My Journey
For all my efforts I felt anchored,
my ship never sailed more than a mile.
A little silver lining over a sky,
I took my steps in weird world outside.
Ways were curious of this mankind,
I endeavor to carve a niche in this clime.
I honestly can tell I failed more than twice,
I hated myself for being inutile.

In this poem, there is resonance in second line of each of two-line stanza. In this sense, it is in form
x a, y a, z a form.

A second extract, "Problem" in Straight from Life:

Of river dry, hopes still lie on small
cloud floating above in sky
that it is reduced to pond to contain rain water
is not a solution but desolation of self.

Of garden decaying, hopes still lie on
air, insects to convey life
that no flower to devote to Lord, soldiers
and where its value matter
is not an answer but scarcity of same emotion.

In this poem, there if flow of thoughts that comes with a conclusion in the last line of every stanza, a typical free verse poem.

Another extract of poem, "Could Life Be Really Beautiful?" from "Our Times."

Could Life Be Really Beautiful?
Could life be really beautiful?
We never ask where leading is our life,
a simple prayer on our lips and bell ringing,
is ritual that meets us more than eye.
How else could our enslaved souls,
would have found themselves in world,
only responsibilities remain as we grow up.

 In this poem, also there is flow of thoughts with consequential life in continuity.

I choose free verse as poetic form because:

1. There is lack of musicality in India. There are shifting trends towards modern forms which are still experimental. I strongly depromote non-musical poetry though.

2. I promote free verse because some issues and themes are required to be presented in mild but direct form. Orientation of people and exposure to national and international affairs demands a form that could be easily grasped.

3. When I think of free verse consisting of flow of thoughts, I well relate it to intellectualism as similarly exhibited in prose poetry.

4. The distinguish I make in free verse and prose is use of imagery, non-personalization and introduction of non-sensitized viewpoints.


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