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My Poetry Experiments with Haiku

The problems one face when writing poetry in free verse and also considering haiku writing are abundant. I have been writing free verse since 2011. My use of free verse represent flow of thoughts and less of imagery. There are also concepts and themes associated when writing poems in free verse which translated into various images when I ventured into haiku world.

When I started writing haiku as part of prompt given by Haiku Heights, I followed only 5-7-5 syllable route. It was easy for me to pen my poems in three lines though with efforts.

I came to know about more metrics of real haiku when I joined Facebook group "IN haiku" started by Ms. Kala Ramesh. My first poems in this group were:

rail track
signpost on square
I try not to look

splashing waterfalls
cut noise further
I standing on bank of river

I used too many images, almost one in each line, overburdening it and leaving 80% on reader to interpret it!

Haiku is a Japanese poetry form in which using not more than two images, a moment is created. The ideal form represent a spark or aha moment between a human experience and a natural fact. This can be achieved in many ways.

Kigo and Kire are two such tools which form foundation of haiku. Kigo is a seasonal word such as autumn day, summer noon and forms theme for a poem or haiku. Kire is also known as cutting word, often represented as punctuation or a word that provides a break in haiku which leads the reader into an enjoyable or thoughtful experience.

My other problem included use of objectivity but with vulnerability of being interpreted as subjective use.

in the newspaper
on faces of celebrities
kid draws mustaches and bindis

In this haiku, one may feel that I am accusing of losing cultural or moral or social identity by celebrities. However, this was not my intent. This was considered at length in IN haiku group.

Reforming earlier haiku with good knowledge of kigo and kire:

rail track -
moving in both directions
I rest

city signpost -
neon colors of night

cut noise farther and me
at its bank

on a newspaper
a kid doodles disorderly
every celeb


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