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A Constant Martyr

[Winning is not a question when you want to be a creative writer. Those who want to read and write, know this well. Following was one of my poem entries to Rædleafpoetry India 2013 Contest.]

Something cinders constantly in every phase, a season,
an animal or a human body, a subject of commotion,
who is playing a constant martyr to raise ashes.
Between two involuted minds, dependent on each other,
third eye opens, wisely, suspectibly, dispassionately,
commission is on to locate it, under high-profile surveys.
While their bodies prepare themselves in imperial rooms,
decaying philharmonic smells lingers for quick retrieve,
adorning newly furnished walls with proper awards.
Mocking half-heartedly only, the later of martyr's life,
rising from smoke, darken in light, his ashes are scattered,
in valleys, where no survey could follow retracing steps.

I Gave She Received

A timid hand rests over my shoulder,
of my classmate, I asked her so,
her glasses rested on globe, if it changes to be designer,
I got a reason to lend some support, or otherwise find
myself in desolation.
The side of her does not speaks to me since kid,
there is not much to discuss,
grilling my times with boys, pave to provide,
asking for on forums, and help desks, since last she met viral flu,
making her feeble.
It is much time, to devote her a shrine,
but she chose to be my dear, no, side,
cannot call virus good and bonds made, seeing her pale face,
a soft place in my heart, is due to reveal from sheets,
I gave, she received.

Winter Forest

Is this the summer fire that has enveloped the hill forest? It appears dull green.
In early frost, only the silhouette of various trees on the top brim of mountain seems to fill it.
My trips back in summer and some in rainy season suddenly run in flash before me.
These mountains from far entice me so much and always when I went, it would be soot covering
my clothes or mud. I do not know what it holds for me now.