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Note# 2: The Library Thing

I remember how my school librarians used to tell that they were sitting outside in the sun during winters and I should notify upon leaving. They used to have fond of me, the solitary being, who loved to read. The fault obviously was in the books. The whole encyclopedic section, I can remember even today, mesmerized me with beautiful pictures and assorted information. When I look back, I find the forming years are very surreal. It is like Bohr’s atomic model where everything is certain and bounded in law and logic. As life grew on, I realized the critical appreciation is necessary but the uncertainty principle resulted in choosing books of more specific and valid interest, languages and sciences.

The practicality of universe does not bother me and when I think of Paulo’s remark from “The Alchemist”, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, it makes me laugh. This fictional work is perhaps my favorite among all authors but I happen not to relate fiction with life. So, when I found that library employees take the reader for granted, it is hard to digest it. We cannot observe the society with rose-tinted spectacles, we need to bring out the shades of grey that slowly start to affect us so grossly that we fall out of our line.

Last visit to T.S. Central State Library, Sector-17, Chandigarh has not been good for me. As I left the place, a librarian I knew for long called me to point out that my previous membership card was with her. I showed her my new one. She took it from me and appeared innocent while asking if I had got made new one.

I can clearly remember the directions from circulation section when I reported my missing card few months back, to go to reference section and check with the office. I surely did and from the same card holder today, she took out my old card which she did not in past. While holding my new earlier, I showed no fury and obliged that I might destroy it myself. I can hear her audible voice when she took it from me and told me that she can also do so and then started tempering it.

I felt sad for myself for not reported it to the main office. This is certainly far from any model and I was targeted of malevolence. Though I can forgive for small errs but being victimized is certainly not welcoming.


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