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I Really Do Not Write A Movie Review (Fiction)

I really do not write a movie review but then it is about aliens. Aliens, I looked for them around and they were not hard to find. There was once a narrow road between govt. apartments and an old age home where the passers by were usually office goers, seldom women and young. Yet since it leads to a temple, I was bound to it and passing by but an old woman inmate avoids my glances.

Years later, I understood about the nature of the building and its services. I went on to ask permission to create a Facebook group and a charity portal from Social Welfare society under whose aegis the building and its inmates were.

They showed the monthly activities arranged for them, their monthly expenses such as issue of library books, medical checkups, etc. They told me that they are properly looked after but if I still feel the need, I can go ahead with my plan.

I was fussed over a bad delivery from a well-known online supermart. I went to consumer redressal forum to become a member to undergo a cou…

The Role of Religion

My Definition:

The religion is both a concept and a manifestation that affirms the presence or authority of Supreme being. Every religion does it in its own way. Thus, a person following Hinduism can relate to a person following another. The manifestation is the level of understanding of a person and also in correlation to his/her surroundings. If a person explains or deals his/her surroundings using it as a concept, it is a concept. If a person is consistent that religious body is a tangible experience in real world (relevance of idols and rituals) then the religion comes in this form.

For me, the religion is a tangible experience considering that the ultimate entities have laid a path for us but overall, they are still diversified somewhere (across universes) as hierarchical supernatural powers. It cannot be surprising.

I believe that every religion has a specific purpose but they can be incomplete and thus, dependable on each other for common good. Here, it is controversial when we…

First Group Exhibition at BAMA Academy of Fine Arts, Panchkula

"A Little Girl” a photo haiga created by me is on display in group photography exhibition at BAMA Academy of Fine Arts, Panchkula.

The work is my first experimental artwork using haibun rather than haiku in haiga.

The photo is from Nek Chand Rock Garden from Chandigarh. This place has been an integral part of my life. Independent of my personal experiences, I find the place has a great allure and leads to numerous expressions and/or thoughts. It is a great source of inspiration, motivation, happiness, joy, creativity and other sources of values to its visitors every day.

The BAMA Academy of Fine Arts exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. N. K. Sharma, Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Industries & Commerce, Punjab on 25th December, 2014. The photographs by various upcoming and established tri-city photographers are on display from 26th to 28th of December, 2014.

The Address:
The Exhibition Hall of BAMA Academy,
SCO – 136,
Sector – 14,
Panchkula (Haryana)

I will share my …

PK - Why Be Banned

Question is the best that is asked. One which is dangling in the universe is surely a hoax. Should the literate world leave the hoax, treat it as confusion or a paradox?

We call it creative experiments with use of techniques such as shadow dance, rebuilding a city after devastation or use of alien concept. When I described my reaction over PK movie at Facebook, even I was not perfect.

My reaction was based on higher concepts whereas the movie started with two questions, one from an alien about the concept of God and another of human love. I bent towards answering the relevance of religion (that too of all). The movie however, specifically targeted Hinduism too much. But take it as compliment.

It left us no scope to clarify other than the flaw in the movie itself. "What is God if" questions are laughing stock of type. The condition of plot is like the one who might be disturbed with taking care of a crying child and would at momentary anger curse the God for bringing this up…

A Foggy Noon

Second day of the fog just as expected however, the sky is filled with a flight of pigeons as if they have gathered for a season. Be it summer, autumn or winter, the silent noon is often spent by oneself by the housewives. I can guess there would be almost no rush on the main road because in less horn noise, the vehicles must have turned on their bright indicator lights to announce the proximity.

now and then
the only thought of you
passing by

Following Up

Waking up this morning to cloudy day (winter's first), by evening these mild showers came up with a little thunder. The many birds of this society chirped joyously and I saved some food for them. One by one they perched on a rod by the feeder and took away the bit to their near and far places.

no shape of
the clouds today,
I start to ponder

World Haiku Association November Contest

Appeared in World Haiku Association  November Contest

Somewhere There

Today I visited for the first time to the recently opened Japanese garden Chandigarh. Excitement was visible among the crowd, who by the pagoda or the Buddha gathered to get snapped. Slowly, some perched on the ground and breathed through the air as if the chimes are ringing somewhere, in silent gaze. Some retreated back from the main gate, wanting to grasp what they have gone through.

sitting buddha...
perched on a pagoda
autumn moon

Featured at TanshiArt

TanshiArt is a project started by Mr. Steve Wilkinson. Under this project, the photograph or an artwork is associated with a micropoetry of up to 6 lines which may include haiku, tanka, goyoshi, sedoka and other forms.

One from the collection:

You can visit here (TanshiArt) to read more of my work.


Can We Be Superhumen? - Treating Garbage

Really? We need a leader to be a basic us. I don't believe so.

I believe that it is not prime minister or the government that brought us internet or computers. It is Bill Gates or Intel or Tim Berners Lee. So who they are. Someone from the crowd is defining every new thing that starts to define us in the whole new perspective.

So, why are we left to be tamed for some bad practices. Should we wait for a charity organization to enlighten us on new healthy, social practices?

How do we become anti-social? We are gradually leaving our personal spaces where we are responsible for limited tasks and then obviously we are taken care of by a little home/office management. But when we are outside, we throw tantrums. Is it only a layperson who behaves incorrectly, many celebrities openly smoke cigarettes, jump red lights and behave irresponsibly in public.

The government brings to us what we are offering but in dull unenlightened manner and then we become responsible to behave,…

An Evening

We will wait till evening when the curtains are drawn. The lights lit up the walls and the tea is being prepared. Some snacks on the plate will arrive on the center table.

a cuckoo
 entangled in "you may start" tasks

World Haiku Association October Contest

Appeared in World Haiku Association October Contest

My First Collection at TanshiArt

TanshiArt is a poetry project started by Mr. Steve Wilkinson that under an umbrella embraces all the forms of short poetry in combination to a photo which could be digital, artwork or handdrawn. The short poetry forms include haiku, tanka, sedoka, mircopoetry (up to 6 lines), one line haiku, one line tanka, senryu, gogyoshi, monostitch, 2 line tanka, 3 line tanka, 4 line tanka.

My first collection is published by him under this project. Hope the readers will enjoy visiting the link and reading and understanding the work.

TanshiArt - Neelam Dadhwal Collection


Lights, lights were everywhere. In the balconies, from roof tops to garden, upon trees and shrubs. At the puja place, the diyas with unlighted wicks were present filling the atmosphere with the scent of oil. Soon, we place one after another on the sill, lightening them simultaneously and effortlessly.

Every nook becomes lightened. One in every room and I guess my niece too wanted one by her bed.

lightening again
a half-burned wick...
Diwali night

Ship of Theseus and Organ Donation

Ship of Theseus directed by Anand Gandhi, starring Aida Al-Khashef, Neeraj Kabi and Sohum Shah depicting a complex question on organ donation. The idea is based on the Theseus' paradox under which the identity of an object is made questionable after its parts are replaced, remaining not original.

The four subplots include the stories of Aaliya Kamal who is a visually impaired photographer with corneal transplant but in this process finds her creative skills largely affected due to maladjustment to her environment. Second is Maitreya, a Jain monk who is fighting a case to ban animal testing for medical purposes. He refuses to take medications and considers no transplant as he is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and continues with his traditional lifestyle. Neeraj Kabi is a stockbroker who receives a kidney as part of his treatment and after having talks with his mother to do something good becomes overly conscious about the kidney donated to him which he suspects is stolen. Shankar, a…


Change in weather is constant. The cold is getting bitter and yesterday I did not knew after I planted the new saplings that the night will be dreadful for them. I transferred them first on a sill that gets the first sunrays. I asked myself, if I am a culprit. The minor leaves of the last saplings looked back at me and I tried to be patient all the day long and for the next few days more.

blue sky...
a bird shifts its place
on a roof

Nirvana of Sorts

May be my human faculties know the boundaries, know the horizon it can cover but today as I look above at the blue autumn sky, I baffle at its secrets: the cool breeze, warming sun, short days, morning laziness, tea, short talks and the beginning of a day. If I would be a bird, it would be a meditation. No imagination but sheer being with the truth, a nirvana of sorts.

autumn sun two one two sparrows

In My Balcony

A small balcony and that too in public view with near parking lot and an earnest desire to spend sometime with my plants. I stretched my hand backside to make room for my left leg that should land without bending my knee too much due to current medical status. Two of the cuttings that bloomed early rainy season are having tiny leaves on them. It is time for them to know I am here and even with absence of two fine legs, I have luckily have my tools in place.

beaming rays...
I remember the smile
I had as a kid

Meantime, I am a Rajput

A study of our vedic scriptures often puts us in disbelief regarding caste system and tend to bend towards modern social justice system in India. 

Often Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as an entity that holded the transitition of lower caste into the mainstream with the usage of term "Harijan."

The first passage of Shri Shiv Mahapuran where Shonik Rishi along with other rishis came to visit Shri Sut ji, a prime disciple of Maharishi Shri Vedvyas and talked about prevalent bad circumstances. He told that a century is near when old religions will be lost and there will be increase in evil or bad deeds. The people will leave their respective religions and follow an independent path which will be futile. Four caste systems: Brahman, Kshytriya, Vaishya and Sudhra will digress from their respective occupations. Brahman will become farmers and become clever and involve in forgery. Kshytriya will leave the warrrior front and become travellers along will start stealing with skill. Vaishya wil…


Here the seasons stretch at my parents' home. The vines are shrivelling with new buds and coiled tendrils still hanging in space to catch a twig or a spider's web. The minor trees are inundated and tilting, soon to lose their own support, a scenic autumn in wait. Some of the plants are showing cession, some mature fruits are hanging to mature enough for seeds and some are on ground, harvesting manure or food for friendly insects.

those two hills....
a way of wolf stories

Sept 2014 Shiki Kukai

KIGO entry crickets' night-- knowing yet what's right after an argument Neelam Dadhwal, Chandigarh, India (No Votes) Free Format
empty shell... will the little snail find it attractive Neelam Dadhwal Chandigarh, India (0,0,2) = 2 pts

Here it is, Autumn

My habit to open the door to a balcony after waking up, the first thing in morning is going to be over soon. The fresh crisp and cold air today greeted me. The change in the season and one look at my little plants, I feel like a bulb that too will go into hiberation but yet blooming!

dawn eyes...
as if there is a wish
still to come true

Root Governance

Since we are now community of people who express our views on everything, politics, social issues, businesses, life, goals, etc., there are still portals hanging in the cyber space that require our attention or must be say those even if offline.

I read many blogs in past week and bloggers are doing great job, illuminating on beautiful Indian places to visit, to support issues like girl child, help a kid to reach 5, pick the pickle campaign, tiger and forest conservation. Through their travels, they shared another anecdotes that reflected how well they are enjoying and grasping the whole experience.

At root level, the promise of minimum goverance of Mr. Narendra Modi however, is quite pressure on these intellectuals. I find it hard to believe that they are paying their bills and able to support a career so well.

I far by myself came up with this fiction (I wish someone may well illustrate it through a satire cartoon.)

All that we all hear

After umpteen sleepless days due to the local commun…


Like tiny tendrils the life combines itself throughout, sometimes escaping without my tears or smiles and with a flash it wipes me out of it. I often ponder over an accusing proverb, "when the time is worse, people leave you." I look back and thank for whatever I have got till now, every moment of it.

I do not count them

Along the Passage

The highlighter has died down on the pages, all the words are golden. I try to concentrate as I used to when pursuing academics and now it turns nostalgic, I turn the pages slowly and leave at some point.

dark clouds...
in an alone evening
thunder applause

First Day

After the days of heat, my home bore darkness due to the clouds outside and the air was light for me to start the day with a smile. I forgot little stiffening in my muscles and actually my exericse routine differed in opting for some casual steps. I did not listened to any rain songs, nor was I humming and most of the tangy and spicy ingredients were out of my breakfast and snacks. The rains are sort of zen rhythming me with the universe of a kind, a consideration that something beautiful or calm follows a difficult period.

unknown origin
of these snails, I look
if there is food

A World of Its Own

It is a safe haven, where the ivy grows on the walls and little ferns on the ground. The walls is cracked enough to let the whole sun in and when the rain pours, besides the sky, it leaves the world outside for a little girl. She thinks now could it be just restored somehow, the pleasure of her life, the sound of cowbells, the sparrow's song and the climbing vine horizontally and the little snails among the stone ground.

blue iris,
the sun will descend soon
in purple hue

The Shiki Monthly Kukai August 2014

August 2014 Kukai, wherein Kigo subject was SUNFLOWER, and Free Format subject was GOODBYE(S)/DEPARTING WORDS heat waves... from a train window the sunflowers Neelam Dadhwal India (0,0,1) = 1 pts drifting tree cotton
I spin a goodbye too
Neelam Dadhwal
Chandigarh, India
(0,0,2) = 2 pts

One After Another

Another flower has given its counterpart, Zinnia, a company. However, contrastingly looking in direction both blooming as of some conspiracy to mend those barriers, I am imagining. As I photograph them from various angles, I remember their survival through bug attack, soil nourishment, rough wind and not-so-benevolent weather.

rain breeze...
the spell is broken
by his arrival


The roughness in my throat settles but then the panacea is the culprit and also the moon. Yes, I am talking here about the Amla Muraba (Gooseberry sweet pickle). Its much rich body of vitamin C is imbued with sweet syrup and gulping down, it fight its own enemy as of the willingness to settle in my stomach. In later winter, there is no way to resist its tangy allure in eating raw but then who have climbed those trees and sneaked into the hidden places with the fruits.

iron red laughter the summer hurtles