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In This World

What does the wind carries away
I ask these mighty mountains
nothing slips pass, not even a grass,
the undulating earth in small streams perhaps.

How strong is this current
the parched earth within her reach
the tributaries, the sweet scent
telling the story of child's mouth.

Again lost in this world,
falling in the mud without shoes,
spring flowers painted on my dress,
butterflies mistaking me for one.

Letting Go

I freeze my fingers because
it is not the reason
why you should hold on,
I wave you goodbye
and think on your own
you may find what life is.

I do not know a bit
how fulfilling any moment
can be, but here is
the bulb that I sow
in the early spring and
the fear of winter deep within me.

Of the flowers, one of
last spring I kept them
because it was the only
surviving, but with
lesser petals by
the end of season.

Before that, I never
noticed it could be
so close, folded in a paper
in the wooden box for year long,
among its many faces who smiled
and went away all fine
in its shadow.

The years ripe again
and with little fingers
I find your way, a new one
and enjoy this circle of life
where I am baby again.

Give vent to Your Feelings

What do you feel when you see a soldier? Sense of security and pride. If you notice your teacher shopping in market, you first reaction as teenager would be to change the route and if he/she shows up, then greet respectfully. These are general profiles. What are general impression you have about people around when you do not know anything about them? A bespectacled girl seems intelligent and geeky. You feel need to help elderly or blind person cross street because they seem vulnerable.

Every field has an associated attitude. You cannot find a person not patriotic being an army man for long, if he gets selected somehow. Similarly, an insensitive person cannot be a social worker. These feelings are thus, important part of our life. They make us, define us.

This topic came up because nowadays, people are seeking holistic approaches such as meditation, out-of-box jobs, vacations to get rid of tension (mental and physical both). They are actually running away from the world. I …

Note# 4: Moving Out

Indian women are today going places and making a name for themselves though not practically without facing numerous challenges new to them. I felt no need till now because I was able to work online  and represent myself quite conveniently.

The discouraging part of my life was getting diagnosed with ITP Thrombocytopenia and I thought of receding back, choosing to be a blogger then a writer and a poetess.Today, as most of my work reflect the natural world but not in antagonism to the material world, I feel I should move on.

This stay has been like an extended vacation to me. Being human, may be we have surpassed many expectations of being higher in hierarchy, using our brain to rise above difficult circumstances but still scenario is ever changing. I wonder why I discovered it so late that it is essential to move on.
The beauty of  time is perhaps, always negligible in comparison to life decisions that should immediately reflect for someone. Can one visualize it as an act …

My Reflection