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Give vent to Your Feelings

What do you feel when you see a soldier? Sense of security and pride. If you notice your teacher shopping in market, you first reaction as teenager would be to change the route and if he/she shows up, then greet respectfully. These are general profiles. What are general impression you have about people around when you do not know anything about them? A bespectacled girl seems intelligent and geeky. You feel need to help elderly or blind person cross street because they seem vulnerable.

Every field has an associated attitude. You cannot find a person not patriotic being an army man for long, if he gets selected somehow. Similarly, an insensitive person cannot be a social worker. These feelings are thus, important part of our life. They make us, define us.

This topic came up because nowadays, people are seeking holistic approaches such as meditation, out-of-box jobs, vacations to get rid of tension (mental and physical both). They are actually running away from the world. I do not say that gurus, especially spiritual gurus are being impractical but true guru will help you stay in the world, help fight corruption and inefficiency, impart training to inspire, stay motivated, and solve problems.

These gurus appear very balanced due to their simple yet powerful thinking. These usually happen due to being in connection with holistic world, holistic teachings, and oneself. There is strange aura about them when you see them and you think for a while to be like them. This is characteristic of their personality and cannot be of everyone else.

Being in materialistic world, it is important to feel happy, sad, angry, disgusted, fearsome, etc. You cannot exist a day without your feelings unless otherwise you are a monk. A child is taught about fire, electricity, water, wind, insects and other hazards sometimes by making them feel little pain or putting an example before them and acting like crying or showing being sick. Your body responds to hazards only because you know they are dangerous to you.

If you are scared that being tense about a problem gives you health problems then the solution is not turning back from the world. Face it. There are many ways to solve problems. First and most basic is by talking and sharing your problem with others and especially to those around the same situation. If it is richness or inundated fame that is making your back off, then indulge in some social work. 

Seek help from medical counselors to get out of situation but stop feeling negative about life. Religious places provide detox from life misery and refresh a person to accept it with more energy and faith. It is good to go there once a while but stop moaning every once in a while when challenges surface.

Practice some discipline and understanding towards life and you will see you can handle infamous remarks on your work and other incidents. Things cannot go far because even the professional environment has ethics that resemble with human virtues. Feel your best and give others a reason to smile. You might even feel light in your heart listening to complaining boss when you know certainly that you can solve the matter within reasonable time frame.


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