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Note# 4: Moving Out

Indian women are today going places and making a name for themselves though not practically without facing numerous challenges new to them. I felt no need till now because I was able to work online  and represent myself quite conveniently.

The discouraging part of my life was getting diagnosed with ITP Thrombocytopenia and I thought of receding back, choosing to be a blogger then a writer and a poetess.Today, as most of my work reflect the natural world but not in antagonism to the material world, I feel I should move on.

This stay has been like an extended vacation to me. Being human, may be we have surpassed many expectations of being higher in hierarchy, using our brain to rise above difficult circumstances but still scenario is ever changing. I wonder why I discovered it so late that it is essential to move on.
The beauty of  time is perhaps, always negligible in comparison to life decisions that should immediately reflect for someone. Can one visualize it as an act of service of a band entertaining as the ship is sinking? I do not see why one could not be patient, wise and happy even in normal evolving situations, accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses.

I thank God for the time He gave me this company of nature, solitude and mightiness while the plans to move closer to Chandigarh are taking their shape.


  1. I have enjoyed writing. I have been writing since 2009 and keeps me busy. It gives me a creative outlet that I need.

  2. Wish your journey to be more creative and fulfilling. Thanks Kathy for visiting my blog.


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