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In The Horizon

A raven is encircling in the sky, a little far, above the canopy of Eucalyptus trees. The sky is blue and clear with air having hint of spring and summer. Ideally, I am working on today's writing assignment just near the door open to my home garden. The sparrows also seem busy in picking their feed, chattering in the bushes of a nearby tree.

petunias... butterflies linger on the early blooms

Straining some words on "The Hindus"

How easily the word "The Hindus" identifies with every belief contorted over centuries in the name of religion. What expectations do we, especially Hindus lay from the religion? They were/are not sole root cause. The religion is in practice till the time immemorial but how to make it go through generations is the question. One is by belief in God and religion. Another is due to observation. This observation is mostly behind all this problem.

Reinterpreting, reconceptualizing and rewriting is all part of changing and progressive human revolutions under the shade of religion or spiritual observance.  As part of the original Ramayana written by Valmiki, there are no confrontational points other than forsaking Sita when he brought her back to Ayodhaya from the clutches of demon king, Ravana because of the baseless rumors of a washer man of his kingdom. This issue is raised by Rama's two twin sons, Luv and Kush later, also part of Ramayana.

The act of Agni Pariksha by Sita is n…

Overcoming Ek Thali ke Chatte Batte (Chips of the Same block)

We are still quoting from history, most certainly of the facts that lie before us. Examine the situation pre-1947 August. Increased freedom activism on many fronts, primarily the Congress which was secular yet classified as Hindu dominion and the other, the Muslim League led by Jinnah. 

The major divide came through centuries, both slaved or ruled by Hindu and Muslim kings, the Muslims discovered their partial identity when the Britishers decided to rule them based on their religion. A very inefficient and biased form of governance which was based on profit. There was no ideology other than serving to the Queen of England. Much like the school curriculum divided for different age groups, the people of India as citizens of many other countries being a different front, they used the policy of divide and rule. This led to consciousness but not qualifying in terms of secularism or even a separate country because they misjudged themselves as a new identity over a century.

The Muslim invaders…

Indian Companies - Committed to Go Green

Major sources of air pollution in India are firewood, biomass burning, fuel adulteration and industrial pollution. The important Indian Greenhouse Gas Program is led by WRI India, Confederation of Indian Industry and The Energy and Resources Institute.

It calls for voluntary participation of companies from India to report their carbon emission footprint.

The companies which have shown interest so far include Godrej & Boyce, Infosys, ITC, Tata Chemicals, NTPC, GAIL, Jet Airways, Ambuja Cement and Ford Motors.

The GHG program helps further the volunteers with tools, practices and solutions created by industry expert to help them meet objective more realistically.

This move can reduce carbon emission by 25% in the next 35 years. First published on iReport.

Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Cause Dissonance

Recently a book, "The Hindus" written by Wendy Doniger has been called off the shelves because of intervention by the Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti (SBAS) and by the court order. The book is published by a renowned publisher house, Penguin India.

There are reports that this book is available illegally online, some torrent sites, and offline through flea markets. In the past, India has banned controversial books, Hindu Heaven by Max Wylie, Nine Hours to Rama by Stanley Wolpert and the Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie.

From the examples, you can see the prohibition is not biased. Books which are deemed to be unfit under the Information Technology Rules 2011 are ordered by the court to be banned. These include the books which portrays India and its citizens wrongly, adversely affect the external affairs with other countries, objectionably provides alternative views for some established religious, political, social and others dogmas.

I think it is the right of the Ind…