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Straining some words on "The Hindus"

How easily the word "The Hindus" identifies with every belief contorted over centuries in the name of religion. What expectations do we, especially Hindus lay from the religion? They were/are not sole root cause. The religion is in practice till the time immemorial but how to make it go through generations is the question. One is by belief in God and religion. Another is due to observation. This observation is mostly behind all this problem.

Reinterpreting, reconceptualizing and rewriting is all part of changing and progressive human revolutions under the shade of religion or spiritual observance.  As part of the original Ramayana written by Valmiki, there are no confrontational points other than forsaking Sita when he brought her back to Ayodhaya from the clutches of demon king, Ravana because of the baseless rumors of a washer man of his kingdom. This issue is raised by Rama's two twin sons, Luv and Kush later, also part of Ramayana.

The act of Agni Pariksha by Sita is not controversial as per Valmiki Ramayan but many other Ramayans, more than 50 to this date, writtten afterwards, point out vehemently the weakness of Lord Rama. Many feminist movements also attack and denigrate the importance of Ramayana for the ill treatment of Sita.

There could be many facts like populism of Sati Pratha which was abolished by Rajaram Mohan Roy in year 1846. However, the role of patriarchy remain substantially strong till today which undermines the role of women in the household and in society. The women, now and then, using the context of Sati, or otherwise also relate it to Sita and try to use religion as an example. However, divine love has its own manifestations. It is difficult to judge the practice of Agni Pariksha in relation to humans. It may be an appearance that incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi as Sita is believed to be has to maintain before her people.

We fought many misconceptions regarding our religion however, it is hurting how new authors pick up references from many new Ramayans and try to ask irrelevantly almost indecent questions with regard to the divine play as depicted by our religions.

I never pick up a book on religion which is banned and if a copy gets to my door, I never mention or review it. However, I happen to read this article on Caravan Magazine about "The Hindus" and could not stop from telling my readers to stop purchasing it in illegal market. Sometimes, the content is so offensive that it is very demeaning to talk about it. If it is banned, it is for good.

May be we do not resist it because there is no wide acceptance that to some level it is gross to interfere in matters of anything, be it God, politics, social revolutions, etc. and respect our law.

No amount of intellectual literary language and research material can illustrate the true nature of Hinduism and help us understand its complexity.


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