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Somewhere in the chimney fumes,
somewhere in the due dates of
her pregnancy or periods,
her life full of house work,
her work full of households,
she collapsed.

Somewhere in the work prejudices,
somewhere in fighting with same self
in the technology bloom, 
in knowledge of change and only ideas,
still the shadow of gender,
she collapsed.

What is of Sita or Drupadi,
remarried to Ravana and Karna,
in the tales of modern day,
in its own web of seeking and giving
up to the loftier side of her being
she collapsed.

Return The Gold

Glimmer of Hope

Snail of life pitched
through serpentine traffic
this day unobserved, its light and shade
the shape of pregnant dusty air
we think the road ahead
could still be beautiful.

No one in this city
knows now of the agonized tales,
we also never heard outside and inside
of four walls, the cemented self eulogy
what would thwart it too
not a glimmer of hope.

Only a part of the panacea, Paid Advertising

A New Place, A Taste of Urbanization

I have just moved to a flat near Chandigarh. Resting on the 1st floor, my eyes feast on the near and far buildings that in comparison to New York or Mumbai or even Chandigarh's own secretariat is not impressive but since I have never lived in flats before, it forms an interesting sight. The building is just three storey high. The view of neighboring flats urge me to go to the roof and watch the surrounding view.

I have been to the roof two days back. Took some snapshots. You might have a thing for settling in these spaces but even Chandigarh do not have high-rise residential buildings. New properties are available only in places around it. So if I took an auto ride to reach Chandigarh or went on a simple stroll to a shopping complex a little far across the road, I was not surprised to notice the worsening signs of urbanization.

I can get everything that a good city can promise me in these quarters or residential zones but the benefits of administration is highly invisi…

Supreme Court Decision: Transgender (Eunuchs) as Third Gender

A Selfie

Looks like Selfies are in the season. There are so many moments now that even if I don't share on FB, I experience them at the burst speed of a metro over a flyover. I wanted to capture the ease of an auto ride this morning even though it is a dwindling transport system in near future.

sand timer...
I forget to switch
its sides

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