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Disinvestment in One’s Authority – The Wrong Move of The Shahi Imam

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The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid choose to tie up with Congress to show solidarity. Is it on the basis of development or secularism? We take a look at these aspects one by one.

Secularism: The pangs of secularism are felt in two ways. One is when the events related to religion surface and there remains the discrepancies. One man state, Gujarat cannot be determined controversial because it cannot amount for the larger issues related with Muslims and even minorities. BJP is highly determined for their role in Ayodhya riots in year 1990 without being in power and different elements that could easily provoke this situation in absence of proper dialogue, debate and belief in constitutional process. When did the citizens, be it Hindus or Muslims or other let the government, law determine the shape of religious crisis in India? 

The scar of these events can never fade away easily without a leader like Mahatma Gandhi. If you point out the incompetent leadership of L.K. Advani who led rath yatra in 1990, then perhaps it is true. Even today, we do not have a functional legal and constitutional system to avoid riots surrounding controversial issues. The latest division of Andhra Pradesh also saw muzaffarpur riots. Under V.P. Singh improper handling of Mandal commission led to violent protests and self-immolation acts by the students all over India. 

Development: Secularism is not over with religion but it has its tentacles into ethical development. The Muslims and minorities are discriminated at workplaces and fresh jobs. Nevertheless, the leader may be a Muslim or Hindu, one cannot work for the development of a particular sect if there are no true representatives from that sect. The Shahi Imam has done grave injustice to Muslims by directing the Muslim votes in favor of Congress. No matter how much BJP may repent over the issues of the past, if chosen to power, there will be consistent backlash in the development sphere related to Muslims and overall, it will affect our national development. The notion that Hindus can help this nation build irrespective of weak home front is wrong. The NDA should make drastic attempts to take Muslims in confidence.

It is sad that one does not understand the power vested in one’s role. The Shahi Imam, being a powerful Muslim entity, should have been careful in achieving what is required and true. Everyone from industrial tycoons to religious leaders have demanding influence on their followers. The prominent figures related to religion should know how vastly they control the mood as compared to any other sections. Hope the next Aazaan will be of peace.


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