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Only a part of the panacea, Paid Advertising

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As today, I hear the news and dismay over paid advertising on social media, t.v. and newspaper and its full throttle impact on the democracy, I come to understand how effective it could be as a part of the panacea to choose another government.

Chandigarh is holding “The Festival of Elections.” As part of these festivities, the citizens are oriented to believe in the power of vote. Different mobile vans are holding a demo of election process to spread awareness.  Various performances by rock bands and dance troupes are bringing up this fact in entertaining and useful way.

However in the same breadth, I read about the anxious concerns of the people about booth capturing to bring back certain political party in power or inefficient performance by certain political leader so far.

There are few ways in which we can bring back the zeal of elections and the trust surroundings the voting system. One is viral marketing and second is debate and discussion and third is a combination of both. We trust that Election Commission of India must have laid some upper limit for political parties on election campaigning so here we are left to assess in the same metrics our options.

Why should we consider paid advertising wrong? On each of the news channel, everyday there are intense political debates among political leaders from different regions. This fulfils our need of debating and discussions. However, the main political party representatives are still not called for one-to-one debates. Since they hold the overall impression of the nation and most of the citizens who watch the prime time news and programs get mislead.

We set this obstacle and imagining this to be over as the main political leaders left us with more narrowed down approach, are we satisfied? Election process makes the environment very charged and if it is not kept in the same way, believe me, many will still skip voting thinking the other 99/100 have done their work.

Paid advertising means more visibility and that means our minds even if still in some kind of debacle is engrossed in the same process. More and more rallies ask for our continued participation in the formation of a democratic government.

If we are scared that the political party that pays more will get more votes, then perhaps we are wrong. More visibility is an agenda but the results are based on the voter’s experience, both past and present. The voting based on advertising means the voter has not made an honest attempt to know more about the various political parties that are in the fray for the prime ministerial seat. However, considering advertising means the little suspicion in the mind of a voter is finally evaded. This is very constructive.

Can there be a uniformly-distributed election campaign strategy? This is possible that besides setting an upper limit, the EC lets the political parties campaign till late. A uniform strategy is not a bad thing. Politics is a career in itself and in the rounds of questions and answers, we are only left with better decision opportunities. Social media in addition to t.v. and newspapers bring us this opportunity and obviously it has to be paid.


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