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Rebranding The Political Parties – Positive Zeitgeist

 Faizhaider at en.wikipedia. (Emblem_of_India.svg Ashoka_Chakra.svg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today, major successful avenues are endorsed by various brands. Every avenue, in itself, is composed of individual brands. In India, we have policy of popular nationalism. This identity is popularly endorsed by many fields, be it information technology, industries, and literature. Sports, media and Bollywood are major players when it comes to zeitgeist

Currently due to election scenario, Mr. Narendra Modi is the highest search personality on major search engines and among top hashtags on social media. No matter how much effort we put to delineate his personality from past issues and controversial Hinduism topics, we end up with our eyebrows arched. Yashwant Singh exclusion from BJP and filing as independent candidate from Barmer in Rajasthan also points out another interesting fact. Most of the mature dignified BJP personalities are taking backseat because of Mr. Narendra Modi. This is not true.

When we monitor the mood of the public, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal from AAP rules the roost at Delhi due to take on corruption. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has lost the steam of the elections due to India Shining promises which did not gel with the young and old. Even if there are two major theories here, of corruption and of ideological history, we are unaware of the bundled emotions. We usually rant out at social media when a train derails killing around 100 people or when an epidemic breaks out.

Do we not confuse our fears under the same umbrella? Do we ask for political debate on women security being aware about sexual assaults? Do we review the standing of a leader when the opportunity arrived on a concerned matter?

I strongly suggest that the branding should not be limited to one major political personality. To represent a prime ministerial candidate, various candidates at state and union territories should provide their views on different issues. Sushma Swaraj has been my favorite for many past years for being vocal on many important issues in the parliament. I wish even if she may file for a seat but could have marvelously represented BJP online at Twitter and Facebook. It would have nurtured confidence among Indian women. Though as we do not want to respread the culture of popular identities, one can always points at election time how things are going to work with different sub divisions in action.

Similarly, for every fact pointing out the major candidate, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal or Mr. Narendra Modi is not right. Current ruling government has benefits because we attach significance how the different leaders contributed to overall development. The role of P. Chidambaram or A.K. Anthony cannot be neglected. The overall progress defines the major change. The corruption and scams have greatly affected the notion of India shining.

The new players in the current election if make use of the strong personalities in their parties can make the debate interesting and lead to positive zeitgeist.


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