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Spell Bound

Yesterday being a cool weather, the herons gathered the sky in their folds a little longer. On an early start, the hurried life was observable with people springing to their balcony to hung clothes, ate a quick breakfast and to answer a goodbye. On an occasional balcony occupying was the chatter of these birds, in continuous. For an ornithologist perhaps this must be a hobby to watch how weather provides territory which is either of crows, mynas or pigeons.

nibbling through pavement...
a bird bath porous
to ants surge

Quantity is a Political Stalemate

Before elections, the mandate was strong in the favor of AAP. Congress was in total jeopardy because of scams and corruption charges. However, given the history the trend in the favor of each party was quite neutral with wave of indecision among Indians and also of circumstantial judgement under the aegis of AAP. Within course of months, NDA launched a powerful campaign and with nationwide state visits and speeches both led by Mr. Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate from BJP and the state representatives surged the victory in their direction.  The results were astonishing giving popular mandate to BJP.

In the sprawling grounds of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Mr. Narendra Modi along with 46 ministers took oath opening a new chapter in the history of Indian democracy. Our 15th prime minister has already talked to Pakistan counterpart Nawaj Sharif and the good wishes have arrived from the leaders worldwide. With small cabinet strength of 46 ministers, it is still a surprise how Mr. Modi vis…

Post Election Results 2014

Our expectations from the newest Prime Minister of India would be of curtailing price hike for petrol, cooking gas, taxes, loans and in general commodities price. The list is endless. Now, before the seat could be occupied, let shed light on overnight increase in the price of milk by astronomical of Rs 10 in Punjab.

Because of this, autowallahs, street vendors, local vegetable vendors have on their whim increased the prices of fruits and vegetables to tally with that in northern sectors of Chandigarh. (The northern sectors are mostly silent, the demand is less.)

I can hear the hue and cry of parents who are now pressuring their wards to take up part-time jobs in addition to their studies to meet personal expenses. Last day, most of them were glued to the screen at most places. I have seen not such interest except during telecast of cricket, then I do not even expect any work done.

Though these news were  putting them enthusiastically for next important chore in their life. The only atmos…

Way Ahead of 1947 - Kashmir Resolution

Psychology Behind India - Pakistan Partition: 

Following (Source: Wikipedia)
Jinnah proclaimed 16 August 1946, Direct Action Day, with the stated goal of highlighting, peacefully, the demand for a Muslim homeland in British India. However, on the morning of the 16th armed Muslim gangs gathered at the Ochterlony Monument in Calcutta to hear Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, the League's Chief Minister of Bengal, who, in the words of historian Yasmin Khan, "if he did not explicitly incite violence certainly gave the crowd the impression that they could act with impunity, that neither the police nor the military would be called out and that the ministry would turn a blind eye to any action they unleashed in the city." That very evening, in Calcutta, Hindus were attacked by returning Muslim celebrants, who carried pamphlets distributed earlier showing a clear connection between violence and the demand for Pakistan, and implicating the celebration of Direct Action day directly with th…


I was sure as I entered the village school, the site of voting for two nearby villages, that I would be confused at the electoral ballot. Intuition, you can say. The village is not my native, the reasons are vague why I am holding the voting right from this place. The lines are in formation from as early as 7.00 p.m. Yes, you would be surprised that the voting has begun. The official at the desk was at ease randomly taking the voting slip, noting down the particulars and asking for signatures so as I was curious to follow a way was still not good enough. Finally, I reached the electronic ballot. Whoa! so this was the reason. There were around 15 signs of political parties, two of which are popular and rest are still in Punjab. I somehow remembered the sign of a party that is in alliance with the party I wanted to vote for and pressed the button by its sign. Who says democracy comes easy way.

dusky day...
the women carrying hay bundles
at pace