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Post Election Results 2014

Our expectations from the newest Prime Minister of India would be of curtailing price hike for petrol, cooking gas, taxes, loans and in general commodities price. The list is endless. Now, before the seat could be occupied, let shed light on overnight increase in the price of milk by astronomical of Rs 10 in Punjab.

Because of this, autowallahs, street vendors, local vegetable vendors have on their whim increased the prices of fruits and vegetables to tally with that in northern sectors of Chandigarh. (The northern sectors are mostly silent, the demand is less.)

I can hear the hue and cry of parents who are now pressuring their wards to take up part-time jobs in addition to their studies to meet personal expenses. Last day, most of them were glued to the screen at most places. I have seen not such interest except during telecast of cricket, then I do not even expect any work done.

Though these news were  putting them enthusiastically for next important chore in their life. The only atmosphere in the city was of celebration of popular mandate and stably elected government. The food courts were choc-a-bloc with people or office-goers during lunch break busy with their daily choice of lunch.

Pastries, cakes, sweet were replaced by popular sweet dish from the shop which is often used in surplus on such occasion. At Sindhis, people were trying rasmalai then at Gopal, the popular choice was coconut barfi.

Heated debates and discussions over the future state of our country were replaced by a general acceptance that the change is there. Starting out any work at this time became a little laid back with almost everyone giving it length of a day to rest a little. After all, the days ahead are all about the work. At this rate, we usher into next timeline of democracy. 

We wish the coming years will be constructive and peaceful. We thank Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP for working hard to create a conclusive government. 


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