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There is a rough plug where the barrel bolt slides in my room window. Sometimes, it appears it has fastened but hangs out loosely. Predawn the electricity went out and the cooler stopped, I did not realized till after few hours I felt certain unease. Still lying in my bed, I went into sleep because of my experimental therapeutic sleeping solution and that involves not thinking and being in present. Solely it would not have brought me any solace but the previous day had been tiresome. Eventually early morning when I woke up the fresh breeze automatically flew from the loosened grip of the window welcoming a new day.

slip seconds...
in my silence the echoing

Revisiting History

Watching Mahabharata, because of a fact that Bhishma recalled the previous birth of Shikhandi when as Amba she swore to kill him and her being a woman, he did not aimed back. Arjuna finally using Shikhandi blows a wave of arrows on which Bhishma finally rests till his own wishful death. Like Ramayana, Mahabharata is also a religious war. It is iconic to watch death of each character on opposite side and at the same time limited to the main objective "righteousness."

new dawn
in shifting of the universe axis
and beyond

Benign Chapter

"No, I am careful," she says as she starts to drive away her two-wheeler for the first time. I remembered how I convinced my parents to live by myself in/around the city. The heart of a poet and vulnerability of singlehood, trembles at the thought of any consequences. Sometimes, even a minor insect bite remains a reason to worry. As I beat a broom over a hardy grasshopper today, I resent housekeeping but I should form a habit. I always said it is incomparable and now I am at it, being a housekeeper.

working ahead
once the files were drafts...
summer solstice

On a Path

Travelling on the roads
we will learn with times to be steady
and both with mind and thoughts
will wander out of the world,
have dreams that I still keep
to myself.

Alone on this path
I will be for long time
and they will know how to
trap what is a crime, the freedom.


Soon, it will get dusted. Though I am good at housekeeping, I wonder how many things I can keep up wrapped when I cannot use them. Time is a stalemate, adding to each day a new challenge. Bereft of earning accolades but where are the spaces where you can preserve a history and what for when today avenues are opening up and options are unlimited to compensate for anything. Anything: literature, music, sports, entertainment, governance, education, health, lifestyle, et al. Is there a value of life or respect for a soul which hopefully cannot be created by anyone till now and is also not scarce.

on a way
to my de-stress hub how far
the paw prints


Splendid was to watch the Sun still in the evening sky just moments before it will set prematurely among dark clouds far but appears to be underneath. The North Country Mall is exceptional in its build like on a plateau with water features outside and vicinity of palm trees and various fragrant flowers over terraced steps. Every time I come out of this mall, I feel reconnected to life. Vitality is important force but do cabs waiting at door steps, speed of escalators, huge waiting lines for processing, standardized products to choose from bring this to us. Till now, the mall has retained its character and it may be so because it is still independent of basic human instinct.

wearing the dust
a bit me in reflection...
jagged path

Change of Plans

A cloudy day in summers cannot change my itinerary but it is second day and there are slight goosebumps on my skin with rush of breeze from window. Early morning, I changed my plans from visiting a museum to Sukhna lake. This time I went farthest where gerberas were growing in beds but leaving in between a banyan tree whose branches expand over the raised stones at lake end. Finally, a glimpse of three ducklings following each other all through the island chartering waters far and offering a day well spent.

lake sun...
in those hills undecided
my hikes

Summer Solstice

June 21 was the summer solstice day when the Sun  mounted from the north of the east in our sky. I personally do not know a monument or an event dedicated to the longest day in and around Chandigarh. Perhaps the herons that sing to the rains, there was a grasshopper, an adult one trapping me to the kitchen window. I needed to close another window behind it to block warm air. Its woody body was indicative of hardiness and then to a splash of water, it landed on a sill and then skyrocketed to continue its journey.

folding itself
in the hexagonal origami
the Sun

The Sun was shining brighter each passing day making it intolerable to go outside even with sufficient sunscreen.Will my shadow be reminder of constant strife in evening? I did not went out. Inside I dispatched official emails, recorded new works and read an appreciable part of a book. Sitting down with thoughts, my head started to ache coming out of the energy chakras and before I can invent strategies, I finished another glass of w…

While Here

The whole world is moving, yes, of course, but not necessarily around the Sun. Every time I board a bus, a train or an airplane, there is this anxiety syndrome that everyone looks for in my face but it is never there. Meantime, The Lost on Star World tests my patience to explore beyond. Our basic responsibilities for family, friends and others might be holding us back. Today I explore another part of Robert Frost famous lines, "but I have promises to keep" when most of the promises are met, of challenging once a while our limits.

mild winds...
the reception of a message
never intend to be


blooming a little
Canna, on mercy of 
random clouds
on a long road where
seldom stops anyone

*Canna Bengal Tiger are flowers of lily form in vibrant yellow, red and oranges.


When in Chandigarh, I lose the trail of time. Each of its aspect looks back at me when I visit Le Corbusier Center or the Open Hand. I spent my life in my own louvers; the student center, the round ramp on school campus, multiple paths to chemistry lab on first floor of college, and the mini gateway in Sector -14 boundary. Today being on other side of the road, I watched the wall by Sector 23 on Sector 22 dividing road. It has crosscheck missing bricks and undulating horizontal pattern in form.  This concept was originally developed by Le Corbusier. Many original walls are now demolished because of heavy traffic of vehicles but this has been retained with a small passageway at one end.

in my pastels only
the color of summer

All the Pansies

The nature of human is to hold on to what is essential. "Terracotta pots, Madam" said a potter by a road as I was inquiring about pots made of earth. I wanted simple ones. 

My home is basic, taking up a single person and holding her world. I imagine pansies, ball lily, valerians, begonias; all those flowers which are hardly used in bouquets or party decorations or even garlands to be offered to God in temple or to dignitaries at functions.  

on the speckled petals
in dust of a day
alighting butterfly

Post Day

No one can predict, not even meteorological department, the difference between the winds at sparse speeds when they might help the clouds form a blanket over the sky. Partly cloudy is the forecast with clear night for today but now after a light wind, a little rain has been here in the evening.

I am a follower of the nature and just so, I do not want to learn much even when it gives me knowledge of beyond. Possibly it is everywhere, controlling our cooling systems, our food habits, our activity time, and our mood.

in hurry
to home over its sky
gliding birds

Peace Envoy

There are houses around still in construction with no doors and open windows where the pigeons flit around. Today, one occupied this square gap in my kitchen, meant for exhaust fan but I used another window to install it. Meanwhile, the pigeon flew one quarter of my kitchen giving me a tremble at the thought of it being struck by a fan. I shooed it away and then folded newspaper around a small board and somehow tacked in the gap.

no sun
thermochromic windows echo
the walls back


Why it has to be me to mix a mound of biscuit with borax and serve to ants who are infesting my home now for few days. They are coming to me whenever I hang my feet from chair, pinch me, try to eat me up. I learn in detail that their stomach either will be bloated or exploded. I lived in homes before but never was this problem. I have observed cemented barriers to close the space beneath the doors at many homes. I can invent my own plaster of paris version, I did so to fill up gaps many times. Today, however it is done.

blue sky
all the potholes with
settled dust

Google It

I just love to walk and I love spaces that allows me like Sukhna Lake or Rock Garden or Rose Garden and even Plaza. For pain in leg which goes away on resting a bit during these walks, I googled. Diagnosis could have been claudication, knee problems or peripheral vascular disease. However, I am of average build, no reason to think of fat deposits and incidental hypoxia for my condition. I practice yoga but since I have limited issues, I was limited to types. I remembered one of the yoga postures, straight tree from past. Gradually, after warming up and in optimal light and air I performed this exercise and surpassed the pain, Shavasana followed.

cloudy day
leaving the roof on the hinge
of a window a pigeon

Greenhouse gases

Today, I am forced to sit in drawing room of my house because direct CO and CO2 emissions from a construction machine are flowing from the cooler and a partial gap at one place. It is nauseating. Sunday and the weather is fine with rains previously bringing the temperature down, but being closed I can sense CO2, CO more than sufficient. I relent to trust this builder and choose a location near the construction site and no matter how far the flats are being developed, the machines are deployed just below my balcony loading, unloading materials.

myna, I choose to ignore
through another gap
chirping on

Amazing Facts

Magic corners where they kept toys not regular ones and often once a while they were a giveaway in form of a prize. I have a faint memory of childhood when my sister won for herself a toy. I never tried except once I filled up a number puzzle in newspaper and was lucky enough to win a camera. For a young person of 15, it was amazing even it was faulty, not able to close properly but with bandages I took my first pictures. Today, every business is rampantly introducing new products and besides there could be points associated but emphasis is on to move with new knowledge and endorse it.

ten steps to home                                                                                
in less the world is covered                                                             

NaHaiWriMo Prompt: Full

full of stars this sky, a child draws his own constellations 

Today the day is really fulfilling. From morning, the clouds are playing hide and seek with the sun but not without putting our hopes aside for a rain, being carried away in southwest wind to make the parch lands wet. In evening however, the rain splits the roads with the laughter of children and most people sit in their balcony to enjoy it. My friends on Facebook living in Western Hemisphere and a day earlier are able to watch Honey moon which appeared after 100 years. I am mostly contemplating the world around me when I wrote this haiku as I observe the sky, neither do I wish to surround with this knowledge nor does it eludes me. My situation is exactly like a child, though I am informed.


red specks
in her eyes gradually
the pain overcomes
a belief filtered through
the world's eye

the whirr of
a gadget is no more
but the ionized particles
on a different dimension
flow and lapse

King of All Fruits

Eating Mangoes could be a privilege in those places where they are in abundance. Contrary to the belief of taste, our orchid guide used to instruct about the necessity of picking up every mango, be it raw or ripe. The reasons were animals and other infestations. In the upper roof of our house where mangoes were kept in dried grass and jute bags, we sat and ate to our contentment. Say it now for the love of fruit, as few we can afford in high rising prices, each piece seems like eternal nectar. Life may be of a span but in due time, we lived beyond ourselves.

etched on a glass window
violets in summer grass
I fancy

Hemmed In

Last night, I was surveying the sky for the conjunction of the moon and Saturn. A little closer to an orangish object, there was a lighter yellow star in conjunction with the moon. I went inside my room and after an immediate search on a space website, I came to know the orangish one is Arcturus while the yellowish-white one is Saturn. Between these trips, two women with children sitting in a narrow lawn below were amused what was I looking in the sky.

gentle breeze...
the wires dissecting
full moon

There are mild clouds again in the sky. After a time, I have heard the herons in the distance. In my balcony unable to find a bird bath locally, I have put a cemented pot filled with water. Mynas and pigeons compete with crows for water. The crows have dominance. I intentionally left putting food around so that a bit of extra hard work, which is uncharacteristic of crows could bring balance among all. In this little space, all the ecological issues and working on laws of Darwinism are really …

Filling In the Voices

Vebbler is an Indian social platform which recently rolled out unique emoticons; *jawdrop* almost losing my jaw in an expression, *sick*, *weep*, and =)) titling sideways in happiness. Similar lexicon I used while taking notes during my graduation years with use of +, superscripts and other anagrams. Today notes are much simpler but I miss the mastery we created. One of which I can remember is to abbreviate a word with superscript consonant letter to which most of the following vowels will lead to, such as Appn short for application.

red-rimmed pages
a note in between

Weighing the Options

Few days back being early to a library, I was sitting outside along with other young students. Someone parked a bicycle behind a board. I wondered who rode bicycle these days. From the feet, I knew the person was a girl student. She had her face wrapped to save from dust and after locking her bicycle reclusively stood by a wall, more of a barrier between her and others.

shudders from itself
fruit tree

Another Summer Day

Yesterday few clouds took the sky and made the weather tolerable. I wondered why I am not switching on the cooler because beyond the buildings from my window gain the sun only by 2 p.m. The grey has become the sunlight on the path on closer look. Today, the day gradually became warm and an electricity cut made me overcome the mirth early. 

melon rind
besides it is safe
my heart

The newspaper is not delivered today. I reread the news from yesterdays, one that is still broadcasted on t.v. about the fateful incident of 24 Engg students being washed away in the Beas river, Himachal Pradesh. Some moments crossed my mind. I kept aside some daily tasks and created a post on it on Prism Of Joy. My part is done.

how the bamboo give
its shoots

Compensating for Lives?

Five bodies have been fished out of the Beas river in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The incident occurred on June 08, 2015 when 24 engg students from VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering, Hyderabad got swept away due to sudden water being released from the gates of Lajri power project.

According to a lone survivor who witnessed his friends forming a chain to handle the gushing waters being drowned before his eyes, they were here on an educational excursion trip and were taking photos near the reservoir when the water swelled up.

Human resource minister, Mrs. Smriti Irani rushed to the site and was monitoring the rescue efforts while I was writing this post. Here it becomes important next to align with the fact that there would be compensation awarded to the families whose kin got missing or dead in this incident.

It brings smirk to my face. Many years back and even today, I hear about private organizations now and then under the scrutiny of education ministry got derecognition notifica…

The Week Ahead

It has been long time since I read astrology columns. Peter Vidal in the past would put a week's suspense in the Sunday columns of Indian Express and we hooked to them religiously. Every week we drew to a climax in the mid and then to an understanding with our fates. Sometimes, the prediction might be irrelevant but it could never be false. Like you know, we often say "we want to do this or that, become this or that without meaning to be." Today I am supposed to work on a to-do list but due to misalignment of stars it will not work out. The astrologer changes this time but the prediction is quite true and I know it by 11 a.m. this morning.

a broken cup
holds an array of old pen
of the sun long set

An Evening

The electricity went off again. I just switched off the cooler to save electricity. Shifting my laptop screen further to cover wide area under light, I wonder whether to go to the balcony and survey the evening sky. The newspapers are now still on the table sans a fan. I remember how we use to fold them and use as fan whenever there was an electricity cut.

questions of life
                                            raucous side of brain
based on yes or no 

Parallel haiku is a new concept haiku developed by a Danish haijin, Mr. Johannes S. H. Bjerg. His blog, "Scented Dust" can be found here.

40 Degrees

A weather channel predicts rain by Friday in Chandigarh. Skin gets all burned and tanned outside in hot temperatures. The leaf blisters on roadside oak trees make us one under the sky. The city main roads are deserted except primary transportation buses or autos ferrying people. Inside a library, the tone of monotony is broken by an LCD in the corridor with top story on "10 hot spots in the world where you are forbidden to go."

new flower pots
empty by a sill
in a shape of chalice