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Compensating for Lives?

Five bodies have been fished out of the Beas river in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The incident occurred on June 08, 2015 when 24 engg students from VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering, Hyderabad got swept away due to sudden water being released from the gates of Lajri power project.

According to a lone survivor who witnessed his friends forming a chain to handle the gushing waters being drowned before his eyes, they were here on an educational excursion trip and were taking photos near the reservoir when the water swelled up.

Human resource minister, Mrs. Smriti Irani rushed to the site and was monitoring the rescue efforts while I was writing this post. Here it becomes important next to align with the fact that there would be compensation awarded to the families whose kin got missing or dead in this incident.

It brings smirk to my face. Many years back and even today, I hear about private organizations now and then under the scrutiny of education ministry got derecognition notification from various universities. Many government organizations too face press ire when lack of laboratory equipments or inability to face latest educational challenges are in place.

I heard many people complaining that they are not confident enough to send their wards to educational institutions because they never know whether the earned degrees will hold any value in the future. Many repent losing their fortune because of rampant rate at which the careers are not counseled for aptitude and resulting shifts to other streams.

Mrs. Smriti Irani can respect the deceased and sympathize with those parents who lost but can she value those who are living. How much compensation does this government think they can provide to the candidates and their parents who rely on the system? Basically, normal jobs gets filled up due to basic orientation like of doctors, army, engineers, ITians and other basic jobs get mouth-to-mouth advertising.

The families consider it is their personal tragedy when their wards are unable to find a proper job but basically every stream unfolding into hundreds of opportunity, it is not their fault but of maladministration. This incident also points out of emerging trend of education but at same time inefficient planning and lack of right measures.

Can compensation fill in for this loss?


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