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Hemmed In

Last night, I was surveying the sky for the conjunction of the moon and Saturn. A little closer to an orangish object, there was a lighter yellow star in conjunction with the moon. I went inside my room and after an immediate search on a space website, I came to know the orangish one is Arcturus while the yellowish-white one is Saturn. Between these trips, two women with children sitting in a narrow lawn below were amused what was I looking in the sky.

gentle breeze...
the wires dissecting
full moon

There are mild clouds again in the sky. After a time, I have heard the herons in the distance. In my balcony unable to find a bird bath locally, I have put a cemented pot filled with water. Mynas and pigeons compete with crows for water. The crows have dominance. I intentionally left putting food around so that a bit of extra hard work, which is uncharacteristic of crows could bring balance among all. In this little space, all the ecological issues and working on laws of Darwinism are really not easy.

in a strip lawn
few saplings and the years
to spring


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Moon and stars

moon again behind
the hills what
myth I build on my story


a star out of canvas
I am 
here with truth


few stars in sky
and angles in and out 
can't locate more


only one more round
at moon hedge
full of jasmine