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it takes

it takes
me everywhere
Le Corbusier's city
turning my imagery
of places now green

(Chandigarh is designed by Le Corbusier, a French architect. The city's emblem sends message "Open to Give & Open to Receive")

In One's Way

A bird ate during dawn the flowering sprig of Veronica plant in my balcony. I have been taking care now for a week. I did not overlooked the other tips and safeguarded them till morning through night inside a mesh door. Earlier placed bird bath was removed, I felt bad about the birds with hunger pangs. At another edge, I placed some food and water and was gone in few minutes of my absence.

cloud ~ cloud still puzzling


Fantastic ideas like time travel existed and still as hydro energy is used to produce electrical energy, the light, distance theories must be manipulated for reasons unknown. Once out of practicality, each of these ideas form weirdness leaving a void among geniuses. Sometimes forming a haiku, I too stumble on ideas of no use to mankind, especially when I do not want to vouch for a specific ideology. Guess there will be poems, paintings, discoveries, thesis in dark quarters of the owners and will lend warmth and an inspiration for other works.

                               earth on its axis
in a brush         
                               other planets too

little sun

little sun...
becoming a puzzle
an empty back lane

little sun is my rainy day kigo when the clouds fill the sky for subsequent days. The water logged and moisture filled lanes, especially back lane become difficult to use.

Here, I am studying a child's psychology or even of a young person for whom back lanes are part of their gaming or adventure routine.


A little addition to my little garden is moss. I like the way they hold on to the soil, gives me impression of shade, moisture and abundant greenery. Sometimes, I wish to replace little grass grown with it. Sensitive to pressure, there is part of my balcony which remains undisturbed except through my eyes. This morning I was denying to look at it because the way the nature takes its own course but latter, I was  happy to discover a new patch of it.

purple blue...
the stones in a well
glisten the water


For food gathering, the chase has been over for the ants. It is now rainy season, the time to lay eggs and secure them too from washing away so they have started to move inside looking for crevices. A nimble space also for me to take care of, when it is just offered by private builders with no govt. departments to offer services simultaneously. This much of inspiration is enough for me. I begin to collect pieces to put together.

daylight, before and after beams
small saplings

Method of A Poet

How should a poet initiate to start writing poetry? For a seasoned poet, it is spontaneous activity to pen down the ideas and emotions into verse.The known characteristic of a poet is a secluded place, certain physical traits such as thinking gestures, looking into wide horizon, and good reading habits. The best poems however, can come at any place and situation. 

What process does a poet goes through before he attempts his piece. Imagine a busy road by a building and a window view, the poet will take note of surroundings and whilst without any inhibition, he will embark on a poem writing. Physically, one may require a notebook and a pen and a suitable environment to do so.

We will however, judge a different situation. Imagine another scenario, where the poet is sitting outside a shopping mall by a busy road with anything to scribble on. The objective is to talk on nature with the sky being overcast with clouds but there is zest among public related to sales at mall. The…

24-hour Humanitarian Truce Dust In Our Eyes

What gives us the exposure? To what situation glamour is attached? Sometimes I am appalled at the competence of the authorities and the world's rage at loose. Being a voice in whatever form, even a blogger or a twitterati, we behave according to our human emotions and also become a mode of advertising certain agenda. The business, politics and media thrives on this.

I do not say mass missions are futile. If the authority has been negligent, it certainly comes to basic rights and thus, no one lives their duties better than a lay person. We do not need philosophy to suggest a better way than getting your houses shelled, your food and water being poisoned, being made to work unethically, accepting an obnoxious way of life as regular.

Rulers have shown their incompetence time and again by being down to this level. A crown on the head is certainly not easy thing but does the public have to make them learn lessons and especially when the history is repeating itself before the world. Gover…

Taro Aizu presents "My Fukushima"

I read a beautiful book "My Fukushima" by Mr. Taro Aizu, one of the Japan's eminent haiku poets. I am elated to find and beyond my expectations from the land of haiku, the book is about a beautiful town "Fukushima." The town also happens to be home town of the poet. The poet discusses with me how he came up with the idea of this book and how far it has been appreciated worldwide.

Me: What influenced you to write "My Fukushima" ?
Taro: As I wrote in "Afterword" of the book, my indignation at the radioactive contamination of my hometown made me write those gogyoshi and haiku when I saw my nephews hanging dosimeter around their necks there.
Me:  Which Japanese journals or newspapers or exhibition centers published or reported about your work?
Taro: "Kanagawa Newspaper", "Fukushimaminpo", "Kahokushinpo", "Hadano Town News" Italian newspaper, Crimian Magazine. We held 5 exhibitions in Holland and one exhibition…


Two worlds when differ because of slight difference in season as it advances is before me when I visit my parents near Himachal Pradesh. If this would have a breeze, I would have enjoyed it with a relief and finally a hope to revive something beautiful. Here the hills are again adorned with dark trees and takes me to places where I feel guarded every inch of their territory being theirs. A bird coming to my garden, cows and herds providing food products all seems a blessing. I can clearly see why urban people are known to be materialistic. They are unbounded but here we are bounded by love, trust and much more.

hill sky...
a grass in its prime
inspires a Japanese garden

CKK #52 Entry

in the bathtub
"enough of it" her daughter
backs her charge

This haiku was an entry to CKK #52 for the prompt "word play." The link is Caribbean Kigo Kukai

Here I attempt a kid's repetition of her mother's words "enough of it" while she is possibly prolonging her bath in a tub.

Yesterday's Story

Occupational health hazard, the stiffness in neck, no matter in which direction I might be looking, certain nerves passing in vicinity take their revenge at their pace. Poetry is not just a matter of heart, mind constantly works and I make sure that the words are coming through.  The sun shines, rises and fall too and also when it gets eclipse, it speaks through my poetry. The human anatomy on the other hand remains unreachable and as my nerves gets strained, I try to step by step rotate my neck in all directions.

on looking up the moon
in my window

Simple mechanics

Tending the plants or taking care of pulses during rainy season are most challenging. Water draining out of the pots, removing shade over saplings, proper spacing, drying off pulses or putting them in airtight containers, the day is spent. How the growth of a little creeper depends on the little attention from my side baffles me? This time I am doing it alone. I never knew that it is just easy to pick up ripe fruits.

is it a proclamation...
the clouds out of
random shapes

to a hamlet

to a hamlet
on another slope trails
up down up 

I visited a village near Shri Naina Devi temple, Himachal Pradesh. There are hamlets on different small hills and trails to them form a sort of swing.


I find it hard to practice my religion. What is my religion? It is certainly is not a fashion, perhaps that is why it appears to us archaic, they morphed it for us.

Us, the new generation or the one that is fighting to belong to progressive 21st century. I question why only the challenging questions have to be answered. Why only Hindu-Muslim conflict is thought to be important? Is Hindu dharma is limited to performing aarti or reciting mantras? How we make people naturally understand that particular person is fasting or is manglik or required to seek spiritual guidance.

everything that rises
the Sun

A Spot

Since now I have tread the most of the puzzling ways, through corn fields, over an unkempt surroundings of a campus in rainy season, over a concrete path in rains soon to get worse but a wet barren ground is perhaps the most safest because of its clarity. I love enormity of human actions. If I do not venture out, it is not that I come to learn something but to experience some of strangest truths. One of the rainy days, I observed a group of guys in an open jeep stranded under a tree did not teased a young woman caught in rain. A woman in distress become a fact who will obviously learn to keep fine by herself.

after rains
struck around the drains
monsoon flowers

In Memory

A relative of mine had expired two days ago. I had met him after gap of around 20 years last year. There is a still memory in my mind of a moving locomotive with sound of "chuk chuk" and with 5-6 other children taking a ride and bursting with ho woo and giggling. It must had been an experience for my late maternal uncle who worked with Nangal Railways to show us a world of kind. It was an engine but for us the train trailing through our own dreamlands with no stop (at least I cannot remember one).

fresh aims...
the ants' trail too lead
to breadcrumbs

smouldered bricks

smouldered bricks...
the rains soaked

*smouldered bricks could also be taken as kigo word for burnt houses but here I referred to bricks that are put together at night by pavement dwellers to form a stove to prepare their meals.


that cannot fly back
to the places
I dwell in this air
that makes me speak

Nariyal Pani is now available on the sides of road from North Country Mall to Kharar. Under a tent, possibly a migrant with fresh coconut scraping out the tops for the customers can be found during the day. Seeing them gives me direct impression of coconut trees, sea life, South Indians and summers. Soon, they will be off as the rains are advancing. It is still safe way to quench thirst or just cool off.

The circuit

Yesterday my camera fell at the entrance of Rose garden where I mounted it on the entrance wall (of 2 feet) with timer set to take a snap of me. I use timer feature all the time and at precarious places and situations. The reason had been that whatever scene I projected, there was disturbance of people unexpectedly. I did not felt immediately but was obviously baffled to the lengths I have to go to capture a single shot. The rainy season has embarked and sans roses, the garden still has beautiful picturesque appeal.

at ground distance
to the sky the Mohwa trees
either sides on my way

long route

long route
I take the road full of
cassia trees
where each flower is separated
from its pendulous

Today it rained hard as yesterday. The clouds have been there but being the first of the rainy season, the environment is full of greenery, decomposed leaves and flowers and scent of their close association.

With or Without It

RSS readers are in extinction. Every RSS reader either needs a java runtime environment or .Net framework that is almost obsolete for near fading Windows 7. I have left with no other option other than opting for online RSS feed service. There is no privacy with emergence of social media. Every one wants to show what they are reading by recommending the service via links. The whole structure is analytical and also advertisement based because businesses do want to flourish and the internet is quick and happening. Working the whole day to chalk out a workable RSS plan, I thought if privacy becomes a privilege, how will I be able to pay for it.

skipping step stones
falling cassia petals
over a puddle

Luck, As It Is

I just watched a humor clip where a jinh on a flying carpet inquires a woman on another carpet who is vacuum cleaning whether she ever stops working. I wonder how as the day goes away, sometimes there is contentment but few days I would sit back and think about the purpose of life. Could there be something intend to happen be held back in face of uncertainty? I let the time tell me. One step and second step in the air, if it lands that's it.

between two steps
eyes rise and fall...
crescent moon

before matter

before matter
                                                  hard to grasp
bhuh bhuvah svah
                                                  air in a fist
we seek nirvana
                                                  the shape of soul

Following Dharma

Following dharma, both in religious and righteousness sense could be contradictory. Any person may be living life individually or in company of other beings thus it is conflicting how to put different theories of living to the best in practical with every individual extending further into complex situations or branches.

We follow a principle of wrongdoing and justice. Unless these behaviors lend into a criminal or civil trot, they are taken as harmless dispositions. As our world is becoming highly expressive, with numerous updates within the matter of seconds on social media, websites, whatever overall behavior is in exhibition is actually in contradiction of what we normally would have assumed to convey, prefer, and support.

In fact, as we are brought up in multicultural societies whatever we would have assumed right is right far from dharma (giving always a contradiction and a reason to raise a finger), however answers might be deep-rooted. Otherwise, these are camouflag…

Deep Night

Earlier today, I was reading a Vedanta book regarding the philosophy of human goal (purusartha) and Brahman (one who is well versed with scriptures) knowledge. I never read vedantas before. My knowledge is limited to epics such as Mahabharata, Shiv Puran, Ramayana and Durga Path. But reading through, I was amused how came I know so much already. In fact, I am currently going through a situation where I am able to provide a suggestion but exactly I do not know the term and as I reached the third chapter, it was there "consciousness."

as if mind reading
one after another
emerging star

stay away moon

stay away moon...
alien to my own thoughts
skyscrapers lose in the sky

stay away moon : my kigo word for evening moon which has not made still a marked appearance but present in the sky.

curling tendrils

curling tendrils
on their own
my son
if I can bring back
to life is as easy

Inspired from Fringe, where Peter Bishop son of Dr. Walter Bishop was dead sometime and brought back to life with use of complex phenomenon (science fiction).

The Difference

It is not easy to develop a search engine. Sometimes I find it creepy to enter the name of my city along with minor searches such as terracotta pottery or gym ball. But thankfully, I do not have to give a full country address.

dilapidated home
                  the difference
                                    nobody mattered                

Most of times, I cut off time by not visiting the actual Indian websites but enter the keyword into Google or Bing and whoops, they are good at that.

rising sun
                                                     rising smoke
known to each...
                                                    still good at it
an eternity

Sowing the Seeds

I did not knew dirt, perhaps only dust when it comes to home. But since I have acquired this new flat near Chandigarh, I was wondering why surfaces were making me uncomfortable despite daily cleaning. My quota of cleansers must have just begun with Colin power cleaner. Here the marble is light earth color which reflects back the surroundings and me. With a gap of day, I started with some hard stains forgetting to put on gloves on the first day. But now at the end of a week, I feel that I just acquired home skills understanding how cleanliness can be achieved and makes difference.

shuffling the rest of pots
for more sun 
tendril turns


sharing his summer room
thoughts, no relief

umas = During early rainy season, the weather remain still sweltering with high humidity and peeping sun now and then. This makes people feel uneasy, especially in noon when coming out only make heat unbearable due to direct evaporation of sweat. The occurrence of sweltering is known as umas in Hindi.

Closer to Home

*Sharavan: The Shravan month conincides with the rainy season in India and also marks the same according to the Hindu calendar. The dates and extent are different for north and south India but bascially forms the complete rainy season of India.

Shravan Maas is dedicated to Lord Shiva who got his name Neelkantha (one who has blue throat) due to ingestion of poison produced during Samudra Manthan. The devotees worship Him, Maa Parvati on tuesdays and various gods and goddesses during the whole month.

Type: Observance

Time: beginning in late July and ending in the third week of August


Closer to Home

When I used to recite vrat (religious fast) stories in childhood, I wondered how a relative or an acquaintance or a stranger happened to ruin it by doing odd things to the fasting person. Since then, I would just say, "Main vrat wala baccha huon, kuch galat mat karna." (I am a kid observing a fast, don't do anything wrong…

Working On

Perspiration, drop by drop rolls down my cheek. May be due to global warming, sweating is not synonymous with hard work. I imagine the churning for butter in a pot and flour and pulse grinding among two opposite stones, my memories from childhood. I remember how I used to impress and kept my grandma happy, by doing things that she loved. Sometimes, I find it hard to give away the thought of my possible negligence during my youth when she died. I still have not read her last words for fear of discovering anything.

sometimes limiting to
where I am

In the Process

There was a lag, kind of with Congress in rule. Since the BJP is chosen to power, the price of many basic commodities have increased surprisingly. Take case of Verka milk which jumped by Rs 10 and then by merely Rs. 1 within a month. Exactly how the infrastructure was holding up till now is argumentative or we are simply left to chose whatever options will be provided to us by any government. The span of five years is big enough to start considering a change in government but most of us do not even want it if the issues are resolved amicably.

                                                               the world out of poison
rebirth of a wilted plant
                                                              Krishna's old habits

"An Obligation" on Reflection W & R July Issue

Reflection W & R mag July 2014 issue publishes my poem "An Obligation" on page 23.

An Obligation

Nectar of life flows through the plains,
pure, sweet, in curls the sound of a santoor,
the peaks shine straight and the sky
glances at its shape with an occasional cloud
and must be eager for a journey
as the stream gets lost in turns of a terrain.

To Read further go to the link.

This poem deals with the theme of environment. How ecstatic it is to find each joy that nature provides us. We discover that we have minimal responsibilities to keep on cherishing these fruits. Wherever we are, we feel full of life, happy and contended once we are in the nature, open ourselves to it.

The magazine features work of many other poets on the same theme. Hope you will enjoy reading the work.


Neelam Dadhwal


Facebook in order to revise its business policies which is based on user's participation and interaction with different businesses has sought to sell the user's information in scrambled way so as to dissociate it from individual. What I found compromising is to the levels they can dip into to make it happen. Following a snippet from Facebook's  Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and their Data Use Policy.

"We are able to suggest that your friend tag you in a picture by scanning and comparing your friend’s pictures to information we’ve put together from your profile pictures and the other photos in which you’ve been tagged."

Since Facebook has limited file types supported for interaction and most popular being photos, as it is advancing the technique of automated facial recognition algorithm to meet its purposes, it is not surprising what it can do once they start to support other file types such as audios or videos.

Another hypocrisy is lack of business mana…

Haiga - not on a white horse

The Past

Things happening to me appears to be best from the oblivion. Just today, I opened up my old somewhat disposed laptop and since it has past print drivers, it worked out with a printer best as my desktop is currently not working well. I was bemused over this perfect combination with no bugs reporting, no crashes and no need to upload new plugins or apps for various tasks.

evening moth...
sliding through the doors
the light settles

Hansha Teki - After the Fall

Hansha Teki

After the Fall

In these moments that wash up wave after wave over my sand-gritted toes, I am redeemed once more by the coolness hidden within the sound of the Pacific's lapping infinity. 
What resonances of the body's memory awaken? 
Does it manifest once more the taste of lime freeing up the papaya's secrets? The refreshment of springwater trickling over my wrists? The face of the dawn goddess haunting the man-devouring night? The universe unearthed beneath the windbreaking macrocarpas? The delirium of summer honeysuckling through the wind? The quiver of the compass needle's endless yearning? The mildew creeping along the wallpaper? The words that once blew a universe into life? The furriness of childhood-raided peaches? The shiver of penetration? The smell of a long unopened book? The diurnal ebb and flow of a haiku? The pause after a nocturnal breath exhaled? The pain of nails tearing the flesh? without wind . . .
the music that once
knew m…

Up Till

Our mundane life is bereft of many illusions but to a scout who moves, say distance of 50 km at same place it could be a different case. Mohali is Punjab district which falls closer to Chandigarh. Sans roundabouts, but seemingly when one encounters it around green parks feels much like in the city. It fails to distinguish for no reason the differentiation of being a place in itself. For employment, I was drawn to Mohali but then the practical world theory stroke it out.

a lounge unoccupied
beneath a tree...
spare sun


Filling the pots with earth, I brought a small lump closer to my nose for an earthy scent. The saplings will come in their own pack. One I will surely would plant is ridge gourd. This relishing vegetable was a must in breakfast of our family with most of the members having a sedentary lifestyle. Now, alone I think of days ahead when the vegetable will be available copiously. Also the spiraling ants along with tendrils of this creeper will spend eating up the sun over my worries to safeguard the pets on move.

grey dusk...
from a kitchen curry leaves aroma
of a tempering

Nigh High

They are again here. The birds chirping and taking turns at bird bath. Two day of rains and the weather still cool. This is not a space that they would fight for unless in need. Few in number, they must have been careful how to set their resources and goals.

vast grounds...
returning to a reclusive slate
pigeons' flock

Every new residential complex is build on modern lines, covering most of the features of modern lifestyle. Some anomalies are worth to note of. Plants only add to aesthetic sense in various communities because of lessening dependency on them for food. Also, I do not see sense in ripe fruits hanging from the trees to be soiled or spoiled away.

the full moon I crave
for the mangoes


The pots are here but where can I get earth to fill them. There are no shops that sell it and the surfaces around are either concrete or already in debt of earth. Some are under construction but I decline to ask for the spare kept at the sides. I remember about the village spaces where whatever there is in abundance, undiscovered from what is known as mining mafia. One can easily dug up a plot in the neighborhood for the least purposes and more is in the fields fulfilling its purpose.

summer rain...
a park bench drenched
with rain

Urban Spaces - Haiku Evening at North Country Mall

Yesterday evening I had plans to go to North Country Mall, around 1 km from my place to sit in its surroundings though I had one errand to run there too. I made it a priority because later the day would descend and by the Mexican honeysuckle bushes over the cascading platform on sides I occupied a place. On the other side the main entrance formed of brick pattern with Frangipani trees on borders. I can hear the horns blowing in distance. In fact, one can make amusing discoveries here as the world passes away. I had my notebook, jotted down few thoughts.

Here are two of haiku, I would like to share:

little rain
on a path here and there
frangipani flowers

few birds
in the nebulous sky...
looming silence

Somewhat of It

So huge is this universe. For a moment crepuscular clouds spread across the sky, playing in between drizzle and mild rain, it lend to breeze coolness. Sparingly a crest was holding white clouds like waves of ocean, diluting among themselves. Bereft of spoilage of clothes, I sat on a cemented platform over which at distance the water was falling, may be a more generous of outlet from the top was responsible. As I started to leave the place, far among clouds a heart-shape fushia tint was visible as the sun was setting somewhere in the background and a gentle black cloud ran through it like an arrow.

on a wire
a lone myna breathing
the cloudy sky

Unbonded Time

At one of my favorite pottery roadside markets, I was after considerable time. This time, it is lined with trees and even the pottery artifacts has grown moss on them. This is nearly end of summers but shade and for two days the rains must have been gracious to lend the place an eerie appeal. Looking through, the fables are cast on the terracotta pots. How much I yearn to acquire them. Each time, a new story to carry within myself without an end.

will when I be gone
be cast
into a moon

Nahaiwrimo 07/01: gentle

On a Table

Do bad circumstances force us certain perspective? Every moment when I am stressed, I am able to get grasp of a situation and able to see how it could be solved. I then organize things in place but not aggressively, you can still find dump of clothes or paper as they should be. While as I am relieved, I become lenient and things take time to regain their places. What I see that sometimes it is not organization which essentially are designated as characteristic of successful people but optimism, clear views, right channels which can avoid such a stress at first hand.

window breeze...
picking a prostrate book
same thoughtful phrase