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Hansha Teki - After the Fall

Hansha Teki

After the Fall

In these moments that wash up wave after wave over my sand-gritted toes, I am redeemed once more by the coolness hidden within the sound of the Pacific's lapping infinity. 

What resonances of the body's memory awaken? 

Does it manifest once more the taste of lime freeing up the papaya's secrets? The refreshment of springwater trickling over my wrists? The face of the dawn goddess haunting the man-devouring night? The universe unearthed beneath the windbreaking macrocarpas? The delirium of summer honeysuckling through the wind? The quiver of the compass needle's endless yearning? The mildew creeping along the wallpaper? The words that once blew a universe into life? The furriness of childhood-raided peaches? The shiver of penetration? The smell of a long unopened book? The diurnal ebb and flow of a haiku? The pause after a nocturnal breath exhaled? The pain of nails tearing the flesh?
without wind . . .
the music that once
knew my soul 

(First published in Contemporary Haibun Online January 2014, vol 9, no 4) 

Review: This haibun here elucidates the poet's present dilemma at the shore of Pacific sea. In a constant dialogue, he thinks over various emotions he goes through. The range and extent of emotions shows how affected the poet must have been. The use of language points out his sensitivity and arguably a calm past which at present seems to be a conflict.

The place is inconsequential for this situation and is still a recluse for the poet. The poet seems to frequent the place as suggested by "redeemed once more." In two prose pieces, the whole experience is woven and describes how Pacific sea shore lends him to explore his inner turmoil and brings peace back to him. The situation is highly contrasting the more pain is there, the more is the solace which must also been an inspiration to him in life. The poet calls it redemption and to the reader also it appears to be once again something beyond everything.

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