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Facebook in order to revise its business policies which is based on user's participation and interaction with different businesses has sought to sell the user's information in scrambled way so as to dissociate it from individual. What I found compromising is to the levels they can dip into to make it happen. Following a snippet from Facebook's  Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and their Data Use Policy.

"We are able to suggest that your friend tag you in a picture by scanning and comparing your friend’s pictures to information we’ve put together from your profile pictures and the other photos in which you’ve been tagged."

Since Facebook has limited file types supported for interaction and most popular being photos, as it is advancing the technique of automated facial recognition algorithm to meet its purposes, it is not surprising what it can do once they start to support other file types such as audios or videos.

Another hypocrisy is lack of business management is leading to use of technologies which should be limited to complex model behaviors. The normal users, if exposed to these experiences might fall out with their counterparts, may start to infer the universe on an abnormal basis or relatively based on materialism. As increasing salary differences are occurring and life options are changing depending on what one can afford, businesses are not going to suffer following Facebook's algorithm but only Facebook user and following this trend who not.


Today, a small gap in roadside railing got me thinking of an extra length I have to walk if I do not use it. I have a formed habit of not throwing away waste in open and observe traffic rules (I love Zebra lines and traffic lights). On my route back, I was maintaining my course as required but two of guys were running from the opposite side in full throttle traffic and panicked me. I let the bus, I intend to catch pass away. I waited till I can decide what is right. They picked up some money that I lost in this moment. The next bus I caught was on a long route to my destination and thus cost me more.

green tree...
do I know the name
of my shadow


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