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Below The Sky

Since I started feeding birds in my balcony, I had numerous experiences and can predict when they are hungry or happy. During last few weeks, the bird bath was refreshed or food was served at different times. I kept eye to understand their behaviors and reacted when suitable. Sometimes, they would just sit on the edge thinking I will not scare them I away.

preaching a crow's beak in its feather

The birds have form a habit now, when to visit my balcony. Other times, I could watch them in their resting spaces or flying in the evening sky. I still keep one of my pots inside whose flowering tip was eaten twice by any of those avians. This feels me with guilt of superficial love for them but I am really planning on adding grains and plentiful change in their diet, especially when I leave to stay with my parents for a day or two.

what I am, a year older
mint sprigs


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Again the Sky

First published on Literary journal.

Today showered again the sky I wondered if soaking the streets I choose to ignore.
Small leaves sprout and crawl inside me, branches spread out, straws are collected nests are created.
Lone pathway on feet speck of air or earth so full, and my own heart's silence in this moment's time.

Has Always Been

First Published on Poem Hunter

Once wide open
does seems the world is
riding on breeze
for a moment of thought

my pen is pouring
celebration of life, an afterthought
in own musing of ideas
where a tear is no longer a fear
nothing devises as found in

eternal or has always been.

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