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Here the seasons stretch at my parents' home. The vines are shrivelling with new buds and coiled tendrils still hanging in space to catch a twig or a spider's web. The minor trees are inundated and tilting, soon to lose their own support, a scenic autumn in wait. Some of the plants are showing cession, some mature fruits are hanging to mature enough for seeds and some are on ground, harvesting manure or food for friendly insects.

those two hills....
a way of wolf stories

Sept 2014 Shiki Kukai

KIGO entry crickets' night-- knowing yet what's right after an argument Neelam Dadhwal, Chandigarh, India (No Votes) Free Format
empty shell... will the little snail find it attractive Neelam Dadhwal Chandigarh, India (0,0,2) = 2 pts

Here it is, Autumn

My habit to open the door to a balcony after waking up, the first thing in morning is going to be over soon. The fresh crisp and cold air today greeted me. The change in the season and one look at my little plants, I feel like a bulb that too will go into hiberation but yet blooming!

dawn eyes...
as if there is a wish
still to come true

Root Governance

Since we are now community of people who express our views on everything, politics, social issues, businesses, life, goals, etc., there are still portals hanging in the cyber space that require our attention or must be say those even if offline.

I read many blogs in past week and bloggers are doing great job, illuminating on beautiful Indian places to visit, to support issues like girl child, help a kid to reach 5, pick the pickle campaign, tiger and forest conservation. Through their travels, they shared another anecdotes that reflected how well they are enjoying and grasping the whole experience.

At root level, the promise of minimum goverance of Mr. Narendra Modi however, is quite pressure on these intellectuals. I find it hard to believe that they are paying their bills and able to support a career so well.

I far by myself came up with this fiction (I wish someone may well illustrate it through a satire cartoon.)

All that we all hear

After umpteen sleepless days due to the local commun…


Like tiny tendrils the life combines itself throughout, sometimes escaping without my tears or smiles and with a flash it wipes me out of it. I often ponder over an accusing proverb, "when the time is worse, people leave you." I look back and thank for whatever I have got till now, every moment of it.

I do not count them

Along the Passage

The highlighter has died down on the pages, all the words are golden. I try to concentrate as I used to when pursuing academics and now it turns nostalgic, I turn the pages slowly and leave at some point.

dark clouds...
in an alone evening
thunder applause

First Day

After the days of heat, my home bore darkness due to the clouds outside and the air was light for me to start the day with a smile. I forgot little stiffening in my muscles and actually my exericse routine differed in opting for some casual steps. I did not listened to any rain songs, nor was I humming and most of the tangy and spicy ingredients were out of my breakfast and snacks. The rains are sort of zen rhythming me with the universe of a kind, a consideration that something beautiful or calm follows a difficult period.

unknown origin
of these snails, I look
if there is food