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World Haiku Association October Contest

Appeared in World Haiku Association October Contest

My First Collection at TanshiArt

TanshiArt is a poetry project started by Mr. Steve Wilkinson that under an umbrella embraces all the forms of short poetry in combination to a photo which could be digital, artwork or handdrawn. The short poetry forms include haiku, tanka, sedoka, mircopoetry (up to 6 lines), one line haiku, one line tanka, senryu, gogyoshi, monostitch, 2 line tanka, 3 line tanka, 4 line tanka.

My first collection is published by him under this project. Hope the readers will enjoy visiting the link and reading and understanding the work.

TanshiArt - Neelam Dadhwal Collection


Lights, lights were everywhere. In the balconies, from roof tops to garden, upon trees and shrubs. At the puja place, the diyas with unlighted wicks were present filling the atmosphere with the scent of oil. Soon, we place one after another on the sill, lightening them simultaneously and effortlessly.

Every nook becomes lightened. One in every room and I guess my niece too wanted one by her bed.

lightening again
a half-burned wick...
Diwali night

Ship of Theseus and Organ Donation

Ship of Theseus directed by Anand Gandhi, starring Aida Al-Khashef, Neeraj Kabi and Sohum Shah depicting a complex question on organ donation. The idea is based on the Theseus' paradox under which the identity of an object is made questionable after its parts are replaced, remaining not original.

The four subplots include the stories of Aaliya Kamal who is a visually impaired photographer with corneal transplant but in this process finds her creative skills largely affected due to maladjustment to her environment. Second is Maitreya, a Jain monk who is fighting a case to ban animal testing for medical purposes. He refuses to take medications and considers no transplant as he is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and continues with his traditional lifestyle. Neeraj Kabi is a stockbroker who receives a kidney as part of his treatment and after having talks with his mother to do something good becomes overly conscious about the kidney donated to him which he suspects is stolen. Shankar, a…


Change in weather is constant. The cold is getting bitter and yesterday I did not knew after I planted the new saplings that the night will be dreadful for them. I transferred them first on a sill that gets the first sunrays. I asked myself, if I am a culprit. The minor leaves of the last saplings looked back at me and I tried to be patient all the day long and for the next few days more.

blue sky...
a bird shifts its place
on a roof

Nirvana of Sorts

May be my human faculties know the boundaries, know the horizon it can cover but today as I look above at the blue autumn sky, I baffle at its secrets: the cool breeze, warming sun, short days, morning laziness, tea, short talks and the beginning of a day. If I would be a bird, it would be a meditation. No imagination but sheer being with the truth, a nirvana of sorts.

autumn sun two one two sparrows

In My Balcony

A small balcony and that too in public view with near parking lot and an earnest desire to spend sometime with my plants. I stretched my hand backside to make room for my left leg that should land without bending my knee too much due to current medical status. Two of the cuttings that bloomed early rainy season are having tiny leaves on them. It is time for them to know I am here and even with absence of two fine legs, I have luckily have my tools in place.

beaming rays...
I remember the smile
I had as a kid

Meantime, I am a Rajput

A study of our vedic scriptures often puts us in disbelief regarding caste system and tend to bend towards modern social justice system in India. 

Often Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as an entity that holded the transitition of lower caste into the mainstream with the usage of term "Harijan."

The first passage of Shri Shiv Mahapuran where Shonik Rishi along with other rishis came to visit Shri Sut ji, a prime disciple of Maharishi Shri Vedvyas and talked about prevalent bad circumstances. He told that a century is near when old religions will be lost and there will be increase in evil or bad deeds. The people will leave their respective religions and follow an independent path which will be futile. Four caste systems: Brahman, Kshytriya, Vaishya and Sudhra will digress from their respective occupations. Brahman will become farmers and become clever and involve in forgery. Kshytriya will leave the warrrior front and become travellers along will start stealing with skill. Vaishya wil…