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Meantime, I am a Rajput

A study of our vedic scriptures often puts us in disbelief regarding caste system and tend to bend towards modern social justice system in India. 

Often Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as an entity that holded the transitition of lower caste into the mainstream with the usage of term "Harijan."

The first passage of Shri Shiv Mahapuran where Shonik Rishi along with other rishis came to visit Shri Sut ji, a prime disciple of Maharishi Shri Vedvyas and talked about prevalent bad circumstances. He told that a century is near when old religions will be lost and there will be increase in evil or bad deeds. The people will leave their respective religions and follow an independent path which will be futile. Four caste systems: Brahman, Kshytriya, Vaishya and Sudhra will digress from their respective occupations. Brahman will become farmers and become clever and involve in forgery. Kshytriya will leave the warrrior front and become travellers along will start stealing with skill. Vaishya will use corrupt ways to earn money and leave the right path. Sudra will try to do work like Brahman with which the whole role will catapult.

Simply this text challenges us to think, for us has become brahman in doing so or in other sense a community like Sudhra that is willing to overtake. But here it is.

1. Switching from basic occupations when a community is prepared from centuries with deep understanding of their businesses and in sense, they have formed strong personalities. Any advantage or say survival through challenging situations being earned because of false impression or real impression of their good upbringing working in their advantage and inability to visualize our religion independent of these persaonlities, it is true there will be wide confusion.

2. However, these false roles taken on by not an individual from a certain caste (which can sometimes very uplifting for the same caste for same benefits) but a whole community because of being downtrodden in process, because of rising corruption, because of lust of enriched lifestyles will obviously make matters worse due to ignorance of century-old knowledge and skills.

3. The only problem is not of skill but of virtue. Every community had in the ancient past very rich culture, which with time deteriorated. The strong will not to opt for farming in case of less work in spiritual path and to seek alternative ways to evolve is not easy and it did not arrived till now in fragments, reading from past scriptures new false religions or false /half knowledge is surfacing.

4. This problem is also increased due to increase in businesses, open in pathways where a person could become increasingly impatient and/or temperamental and thus doubtful and bad decisions. Thus, because of impulsive nature of human being and the basic necessity to safeguard one's interests, no one literally and practically took steps to restore something but to move on without thinking twice.

5. The occupations related to different caste system, if alteratives would have drawn without reference to the primary caste then with time, it would have been successful to draw a new system which follows dhrama and is not a dhrama in its only definition. But, because everybody sought to move on and the preferential treatment for upper caste existed, the governing bodies thereafter remain responsible for this degradtion.

(Here, I would like to state that I treated Brahman as only a caste but being a state is a different thing altogether so it is inevitable that even governing bodies cannot be able to reach that infinitesimal and microscopic understanding of our ancient religion but in any case, we are already hardly 0.0000000finite% of our vedas).

6. The most setback is of introduction of techniques which our vedas did not told about Sudhras (most probably because they talked about dharma or the state of beings that upholds it). Like love jihad, switching of community by alluring the female to get married to them or to challenge a person from upper caste to accept them. The intention of rishis was not to see any community in bad light but to talk about consequences of their actions and they put least emphasis on Sudhras who were/are seem most ideal for the options they choose.

However, the latest technique of community switching is a new twist to the bad karma according to me. But, in fact because of development plans in their favor due to government their status has improved what had been there in the past India. In this case, upholding one's own caste has become a viable option. To seek jobs which now range from peon to being prime minister under their own surname seems apt.

According to me, caste system should be hold by respective communities. Yes, even in scenario where we get a close associate via Facebook with certain likes to our work and lifestyle. It is difficult not to be selfish and take pride in local culture but our scriptures has said right about us.


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