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Can We Be Superhumen? - Treating Garbage

Really? We need a leader to be a basic us. I don't believe so.

I believe that it is not prime minister or the government that brought us internet or computers. It is Bill Gates or Intel or Tim Berners Lee. So who they are. Someone from the crowd is defining every new thing that starts to define us in the whole new perspective.

So, why are we left to be tamed for some bad practices. Should we wait for a charity organization to enlighten us on new healthy, social practices?

How do we become anti-social? We are gradually leaving our personal spaces where we are responsible for limited tasks and then obviously we are taken care of by a little home/office management. But when we are outside, we throw tantrums. Is it only a layperson who behaves incorrectly, many celebrities openly smoke cigarettes, jump red lights and behave irresponsibly in public.

The government brings to us what we are offering but in dull unenlightened manner and then we become responsible to behave, support different campaigns from within ourselves. Can we be superhumen?

The slapstick comedies, fun cartoons leave a biased view regarding the sections of this society. Is it okay to frame a layperson for the pollution or noncleanliness? I will suggest the government to prevent companies, ad agencies, celebrities to avoid defamatory methods to involve the people for their general disposition towards their surroundings.

Don't impose that an organization or a personality higher in the pyramid is better than a layperson. A layperson is responsible for disposing a polythene bag in a garbage bin but he/she is not responsible for an overflowing sanitation tank discouraging them to do so.

To a common person: For you a paper slip is biodegradable and can be disposed in the wild but to other in appearance it might appear as a sticker (a plastic one) and hence, the practice of throwing up wrappers and other things do not limit. We are now either evolving in rapid manner or live in a multicultural environment, where we fail to understand how to treat the garbage around us. It is important that one should be able to talk to other person without a hint of insult and suggest the right way.

One cannot be obsessive enough to talk about a paper ticket but snack wrappers, juice cartons, polythene bags can be talked about.

We cannot be a superhumen, because we are not 100% responsible for everything, we are also unintelligible about many healthy and social practices but we can for certain do a little.
We should be able to motivate ourselves and others without a demoralizing talk or sign language.


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