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I Really Do Not Write A Movie Review (Fiction)

I really do not write a movie review but then it is about aliens. Aliens, I looked for them around and they were not hard to find. There was once a narrow road between govt. apartments and an old age home where the passers by were usually office goers, seldom women and young. Yet since it leads to a temple, I was bound to it and passing by but an old woman inmate avoids my glances.

Years later, I understood about the nature of the building and its services. I went on to ask permission to create a Facebook group and a charity portal from Social Welfare society under whose aegis the building and its inmates were.

They showed the monthly activities arranged for them, their monthly expenses such as issue of library books, medical checkups, etc. They told me that they are properly looked after but if I still feel the need, I can go ahead with my plan.

I was fussed over a bad delivery from a well-known online supermart. I went to consumer redressal forum to become a member to undergo a course to become an activist. I wanted to raise a social awareness about the consumer rights. However, I found that the society has long been inactive and evicted from the place. I then went to district courts and was given proper consumer dispute forms and directed to follow the procedures. I filled and later got dues because of all damages I suffered due to negligence of online supermart.

I felt however, a year was long enough and if anyone did wrong here and brought much mental anguish was me. There was no consolation for this from the courts. I was indifferent or alien to myself.

Neelam Dadhwal: This discussion is leading towards right direction and I am really happy about this.

Yes, I believe that the believers/followers of a certain religion add their laws and external concepts to support/practice what their religion is truly asking them to do. That is why many religions fade away and/or these laws seems discomforting over long time because everyone has a learning curve and also circumstances change.

To decide which law should be prevalent today can be done with proper discussion, insights into the religion, cultural past and bringing up valid point to support or nullify it.

Number of events occurred around me, still when I was young without a job or a responsibility to own one. I watched a colony where the laborers were living a horrifying life with open sewerage and no basic utilities. But eventually, the colony was lifted and the laborers were given shelter under various schemes.

I was witness to all the apathy but felt despite all the changes and of government, I am an alien in bringing this impact. I felt I was looking for aliens but ended up being an alien myself.


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