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PK - Why Be Banned

Question is the best that is asked. One which is dangling in the universe is surely a hoax. Should the literate world leave the hoax, treat it as confusion or a paradox?

We call it creative experiments with use of techniques such as shadow dance, rebuilding a city after devastation or use of alien concept. When I described my reaction over PK movie at Facebook, even I was not perfect.

My reaction was based on higher concepts whereas the movie started with two questions, one from an alien about the concept of God and another of human love. I bent towards answering the relevance of religion (that too of all). The movie however, specifically targeted Hinduism too much. But take it as compliment.

It left us no scope to clarify other than the flaw in the movie itself. "What is God if" questions are laughing stock of type. The condition of plot is like the one who might be disturbed with taking care of a crying child and would at momentary anger curse the God for bringing this up.

I however, thought of everything to negate His/Her existence and then feeling it. As I do many times when someone puts a doubtful question, I do kill myself or my faith and everytime feeling lucky to be alive.

Regardless of personal spiritual experiences, knowing that the gap between physics and biology could come up with another theory of evolution, knowing that I am a small entity ruled by bigger universe rules, there is religion I want to follow.

There are mature life stages I believe that can bring up a better definition of religion than classifying as a body with certain rules which a mass of followers want to observe for their own goodwill. Yes, I am here talking of religion in terms of scientology. A religion that forms our habits, our choices and guides us through centuries of up and down. That is why, we are rigid in our matrimonial preferences but open for businesses and other services to all. Hopefully, one would still (in love) claim to acquire more skills but then could you forget your  mother or father if someone else brings you up. Is the foundation of religion is weak if you really want to follow? Those who want to switch are never questioned but why hurt those who want to follow.

Could there be connectedness between daily life (our karmas) and God? While He/She has laid rules and guide us through, both are open to listen to us without harming us, without putting a slap on our faces (on either side). Could we continue to live this relation till we realize what we all want is materialism?

Have we ever considered what it would be like to be with THE GOD? When one person can hardly study two subjects, appreciate them and live responsibly in this small society in one single life, how to be with and appreciate the one who created this all. If the God is available for Rs 20, Rs 30 or Rs 10,000, we should be thankful.

Do we see THE GOD above ourselves? Do we believe we can die and meet Him/Her in another place or space?

Or we could just better go and fall in love alien because after so many centuries they might descend on our earth.


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