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In Speculation

I read the article on Ordinance Raj but somehow how political it was. The writer (I do not want to name) was solely appeared to focus on his party mission rather than having raised the real question. Some truth, well could be discomforting. 

It is not only that our opposition have near-sightedness disorder but also there is no mechanism in place if they wanted a proper dialogue with the ruling party.

Obviously, we take the glitches in government as normal. There will be goals and milestones but not without obstacles. You cannot grow pulses from wheat without sowing the wheat first. There is whole lot of cycle which the running government is missing. It tend to support the Garib Mantra of our country (in benefit of lesser privileged) but it starts with the mightiest who will fail in long run because so far so undone.

Here is a point, where a common pen will start writing and even yielding a proper perspective. What misses through the laid laws is one that the government or any legal authority starts to unfollow it because they of their personal ideology or trying to create a national one.

In order to project an ideology (Make in India), the current government is unduly pressuring some companies. Change comes easy to some but others just fumble up their services causing the effect of Mandal commission among those above the poverty line.

Everyone is concerned about below the line but the struggling middle and upper class are the actual pestle in the whole process and those when churned themselves are nowhere highlighted, given compensations or even recognized for their efforts.

Should what our government goes away with shining and flying colors after each five years be really recognized? How far the apathy of the medium  strata remain part of novellas and novels? Should they also be bundled with the habit of speculation?


  1. Nicely written. Truly the middle class suffers a lot. High time that real inclusive policies take effect.

    1. Thanks Amrita. The government should be serious. No one wants to lengthen the subject of their problems.


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