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Her Angle - Should Nirbhaya Turn Up

With a certain law not binding film-maker Leslee Udwin took guaranteed of India's legal laws and went ahead with BBC and NDTV adamant in their own capacity to bring out the documentary.

There are two aspects of this crime, one the victim and other the culprit. India took a deep and effective measure in punishing the offenders but when it comes to overall justice, they are still working at it. The important question how should we go about it. Should we lynch a person's importantly a woman's dignity to harness a justice revolution?

The old movies where the heroes play a dominant and super role to save the women dignity, are the days back. What more horrifying than this. This is not movie. Movies can always challenge the general mindset but in India this is not possible in already a graveyard of plethora of issues, elderly neglect, women rape, gender bias and female feticide. 

We do not argue here for creative expression but tell me how many women are really there, standing by themselves, asking questions, arguing their rights and getting justice. Tell me how many women fight back.

Tell me that Nirbhaya is not different. I will not argue any further.

An exceptional of exceptional case this has been, the woman fought back that even the offenders said, actually might have excused themselves, that if she would not had stopped them, she might had survived. The courage was an exception which also led to revelation of the truth. Her own strength is determining factor in bringing justice to her. No other case of this gravity should happen again is our wish and she definitely represents the wider women rights than most of the right activists can ask for. 

Even if the larger goal remains to bring a mass consciousness about women dignity or learning about the convict's mindset, it cannot be done without giving due respect to Nirbhaya. To discuss and watch every point of view with her angle and any extension of it should be done by expert committees rather than mere journalism.

It is definitely very unprofessional of BBC to undermine the India's legal propriety and in fact, this is much closer to being unethical.


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