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So early to decide anything, this position elapsed me years before when I opted to enroll as Red Cross volunteer but now a slight thought of tremors brings the ghastly pictures of people embedded in crumble of towers and squares in Nepal where the earthquake stroke at richter scale of 8.4. The dusty walls of soil, the cawing of birds in the sky shouted out of the screen, my own room window was creaking to the wind outside.

from the demure photos
a face

Nepal Earthquake Shuffles our Pressing Needs

Huge tremors in Nepal and across India sent another message to the humanity to respect the nature’s decision to reinvent herself as necessary. This episode which killed over 1500 in Nepal and in India close to 100 is neither due to pollution nor waste products. The Himalayan region is constantly under tectonic pressure between its plates deep in the earth. The outer lying causes such as glacier formation, avalanches play much insignificant role like a wave in the whole ocean under a tsunami.

Besides, the loss of human life what else is ignored and always escapes us are the biological changes in the Himalayan region. The future environment that is going to be drastically affected, due to tough terrain the issue of emerging floodplains unaddressed, and no forest and wildlife conservation.

The loss of human life is massive and those still in Nepal due to insufficient care facilities are definitely adding to the toll. It will take a while to settle this down and not to imag…

Kisan Rally and the Right Politics

Politics thrives on bad mouthing, scams and fast onto death. We, on the other hand, are on social media and new laws regulate our freedom of speech in most humane manner.

Many proposals have been put in the last month which reflect a common goal, progress for India. The progress is achieved in milestones. BJP or the government has directed the path in a manner of labor, corporate and citizen participation, leaving the opposition completely out of the game. It is like an formidable act they have created for themselves but only if this is possible.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi has come out of his thoughtful vacation to raise a valid point in favor of farmers. Whether the opposition, Congress, itself was responsible for it because they are not governing now or not was not a reason because this insight was totally left out. A proper debate is not only necessary, we hear no consistent dialogue between the farmers and the government. We cannot neglect till every morsel that gets down our …

Spring Solitude - A Renga

the formation of spring
those native wings of a butterfly

being called in
the aroma of kheer from somewhere

a soft light
on an old napkin
the initials that were put on

we talked for hours
the length of our stories stretching

sliding into
another loop of crochet
the spool reaches my feet


Dust uncovered, covered many books look back from the shelves but as the time runs against itself I am still figuring what should I go and discover. A toothless grin however, will tell me to settle for a life partner and if I do not get one, just burn few hearts. But what after that.

rain water the ground
with whole of molecules

The Other Side of the Coin - Make In India

Proposals like Make In India are running high on our expectations and why should not they. Time and again I will emphasize on the fact that we are becoming highly oriented and unmatchable workforce due to our diverse cultures and habits. We learn correlate to the world in better way than anything else in this super duper nuclear age. This labor has done in comparison to other countries, including China an impressive work overseas. Our relations with countries like Yemen have helped us solve the chaos related to external affairs in a short span.

So, why we should overlook our abilities at home. Welcoming the technologies and ideas from the countries around the world, we are opening those frontiers. Learning to develop new techniques and implementing them, we have done all but still the world looks upon us for something they have and how we should interpret our understanding of them. Make In India has only benefits associated with them is not an understatement however, we …

The New India

Make In India influences us in ways novel and intricate. When the industrial revolution came, hundreds lost their jobs due to replacement by machines but gradually a consensus is drawn because of demand ratio. There is basis for the success while the failure that local labor suffered was somewhat chaotic to address. Mr. Narendra Modi has addressed this problem with land ordinance bill and by directly harnessing the great resource of India, its labor force. During the past trip to France and Germany, umpteen efforts have been put to bring this issue to forefront. For the Make In India project, the promises have been made to clear all the barricades to pitch the right industries. The Make in India lion symbol emphasizes that it is not a regional or local development project but an overall including infrastructure, healthcare, transport, education, and civil nuclear development to shape India for a future that is long languishing as mole patches on a beautiful face.

India …

What's in the Valley for Kashmiri Pundits

Under inclusive Kashmiriyat, Kashmiri pundits are encouraged by the government to settle in the valley. Despite a foregone era of terrorism and one which is fought due to overwhelming support for democracy, it is sad that this has become impossible. A J&K MLA might have drawn flak from Twitter but the valley has observed a shutdown after an announcement regarding building township for Kashmiri pundits. The reasons have been abundant. The migration of Kashmiri pundits have resulted in two actions, one is loss of cultural and social amalgamation and second is disinterest in establishing a present conduct of civilization. However scarring are the incidents of terrorism but when the normal life returns, the genuine threatening reasons remain from within. Not just the local citizens but the system is so developed that unless the total inclusivity is employed and guidelines are laid, the growth becomes impossible.

Kashmir is dominated by Islam and Hinduism. In absence of …

Net Neutrality - The Way Ahead With or Without Communication Apps

Net Neutrality is fraught with much discrimination but there are many subset concepts that the government fails to discuss when the question of interest arises. The Internet service providers where the net neutrality is practised are required to treat the Internet data as having equal value and Internet users with equal respect. It has to be independent of the platform, and service dimensions most importantly.

How the discrimination is avoided while avoiding the tariffs for the Internet data but charging for communication services which are gradually becoming of equal importance as the Internet data. The businesses, both India and aboard based, are now tying up with popular chat services such as WeChat to attract consumers. Thus the OTT (Over the Top Content) services with tie ups with messaging services are replacing the traditional telecom services of voice and messaging  who are now running the danger of being free access zone

Different Internet packages are obviousl…

I Choose Beautiful but Do Dove

The idea behind advertisement is to bring the focus of the customers to some product or service. In any country or the world with advancing generations at altered ideologies each day, it is becoming rampant among the major houses/brands to use viral marketing. The side effects of any viral marketing campaign is that they take the users for guaranteed while never admitting they are playing hide and seek with their favorite reformed choices. No, not today when the blind, the acid attack victim, the molested, the underage, the woman who has been denied justice stand on the same platform.

It is a fact that any person (only few exceptions) do not retain their stereotypical attitude out of compulsion, illiteracy or a stigma. People do evolve with times and once they break the barriers in order to be pleasant, to be familiar and friendly with others in the society. Any malignant notion is not respected which in general can cause discomfort to masses.

So, why a beauty or toile…

Putting the Lid Back on The Lighter

Replacing the male chauvinism at the offices when the men would snuggle in the vapor with a jovial look at their female co-worker to health hazards related to the smoking affecting the general masses serving as an orientation to give up smoking, tobacco warnings have really covered a road.

Yet the Centre required to pass the regulation to increase up to 85% visibility of tobacco warnings on the tobacco products. Sincerely, the women wait for a male to take an initiate to stop smoking in the public. Only an embarrassment of the smoker can save them at places where they are not regular. Authority to observe the rules came from two reasons; One, it constitutes passive smoking so public places and working places are included. While publicly, people still frown on these rules but the offices, restaurants, hotels and other big houses are keeping their guests free from the menace while respecting the right of the smoker for recreational smoking by providing the smoking rooms.


Taking a sip from the water bottle, the blinds shuffle and slide giving a fragmented tree. This is second floor of library where I just numbed them if they might be observing how their discourses still able to make lot of sense.

centrifugal ceiling fan the thoughts afterwards

The One that Sounds Like Meat

Obviously, it is not coming from your plate or palate. Let me differ no more, when the news are in circulation about "The Cow" as Shashtra Mata I quiver with the discovery of bones in my pav bhaji at a reasonable restaurant. Our MPs and leaders might insist on being purified or healed with the touch of Gau Mata but when I under a mute disposition pray that Hinduism might be able to clean my mind, bring me rest I feel unsure. For me, differing on the food components is as essential as to a supposition that a human being is required to fill one's stomach. Still it is wide chasm between what we are answerable for and what really goes well with our gastrointestinal juices.

For all times I have come to realize one thing, it is not discovering a bad peanut at end of the wholesome snack in your mouth ruining all the taste, especially if it is in your mouth not elses. I am required to take a decision rather than luck can struck something out for me. It is not comf…

Plan Beyond the Borders

Playing with the guns, do you ever think of the future of the kids. Many theories which have their background often tends us towards liberalization but thanks to development this is no longer an issue to ponder over. Every day, there are new means of learning developing. However, there are men or say terrorists that have not given up their guns and it is difficult well, for them to stop playing with them.

Besides the reputation of America, Russia, Egypt, India is definitely might emerge as an example sans Mahatma Gandhi but my respects and due recognition not to negate that we gain our confidence from our past, a game changer. As we wash our hands before meals, remember the God before undertaking a task, blowing off guns to enter a territory is hardly a mannerism we observe. On a daily basis our etiquette are changing that we are becoming peaceful and we depend desperately on our forces for our safety.

Nationalism is not rooted in angry, protesting demonstrations but in…

Post 66A, Freedom Should be Omnipresent

Democracy is the essence of freedom in which the citizens breathe towards their evolution and that of the country. Revoking section 66A and granting the lease of internet freedom of speech, the Supreme court has led another step in corrective behavior for the Indian citizens. How charismatic it is in our diverse culture and the mundane life interspersed with complex events and dialogues or might be regular ones, on any pivotal event another grasp of events taking the form before it could turn any uglier.

But yet, we have to go to the Supreme court. There is no idea regarding the non-scrutinizing but gullible eyes that unable to see through the whole process, often even the victim reduces the matter beyond the social scrutiny, lead to other problems. Internet freedom is achieved, but what about the distinguish between the cultural potholes which can be greatly curbed.

You know why, because today person from lower caste (jati) is an advocate or a lawyer or a lecturer or an academician.…


My mom was sleeping in my flat room, after a long time, as she arrived from the home. The beep of the mobile as it disturbed the sleep occasionally, I realized how we often we know when the calls will be made and received. The chirping birds, distant honking horns, seldom voice of a vendor or a child echoing through the deaf noon. Lastly, when she woke up she asked what is this noise which played like an irrational stream. I told her some construction is going on, perhaps from there.

looking at
the plain facade of neighborhood
a mute bird I am
from where else this smile
appears of foregone tales