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Taking a sip from the water bottle, the blinds shuffle and slide giving a fragmented tree. This is second floor of library where I just numbed them if they might be observing how their discourses still able to make lot of sense.

centrifugal ceiling fan the thoughts afterwards


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Haiga - Glancing Into

Time Lapse

There is nothing
or there is not

there is ray and
warmth of it for long to stay

I hear shriveling words

in autumn and cold

when the Sun sets

some grass is burnt
at edge of horizon.

Again the Sky

First published on Literary journal.

Today showered again the sky I wondered if soaking the streets I choose to ignore.
Small leaves sprout and crawl inside me, branches spread out, straws are collected nests are created.
Lone pathway on feet speck of air or earth so full, and my own heart's silence in this moment's time.