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Nepal Earthquake Shuffles our Pressing Needs

Huge tremors in Nepal and across India sent another message to the humanity to respect the nature’s decision to reinvent herself as necessary. This episode which killed over 1500 in Nepal and in India close to 100 is neither due to pollution nor waste products. The Himalayan region is constantly under tectonic pressure between its plates deep in the earth. The outer lying causes such as glacier formation, avalanches play much insignificant role like a wave in the whole ocean under a tsunami.

Besides, the loss of human life what else is ignored and always escapes us are the biological changes in the Himalayan region. The future environment that is going to be drastically affected, due to tough terrain the issue of emerging floodplains unaddressed, and no forest and wildlife conservation.

The loss of human life is massive and those still in Nepal due to insufficient care facilities are definitely adding to the toll. It will take a while to settle this down and not to imagine the time for the bigger goals. The government, wherever, does not ever starts an orientation program.

In recent case of Sandalwood killings, it is sad that the native do not understand the legal implications of the process. If the conditions are so prevalent that lead them to fall to the trap laid by the smugglers, then why the state government did not checked the background issues.

In this case it is also necessary that before we come to basic orientation, the people should understand the necessity of its reach. The proper addressable system can start at any point, even today since in addition to Nepal, it is collective responsibility of the world to understand our environment and climate. The funds can pour from anywhere and the work can start.

The blueprint of the ecological changes occurring in the Himalayan region can also prove beneficial in studying other mountainous regions as well as the floodplains leading from them and independent. Every year, we have huge flood and mountain sliding problems occurring in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttaranchal. The impact was less in Nepal because no breach was noticed, if any, in major rivers or dams/reservoirs. The situation might been more grave, had it occurred at any other place.


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