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Net Neutrality - The Way Ahead With or Without Communication Apps

Net Neutrality is fraught with much discrimination but there are many subset concepts that the government fails to discuss when the question of interest arises. The Internet service providers where the net neutrality is practised are required to treat the Internet data as having equal value and Internet users with equal respect. It has to be independent of the platform, and service dimensions most importantly.

How the discrimination is avoided while avoiding the tariffs for the Internet data but charging for communication services which are gradually becoming of equal importance as the Internet data. The businesses, both India and aboard based, are now tying up with popular chat services such as WeChat to attract consumers. Thus the OTT (Over the Top Content) services with tie ups with messaging services are replacing the traditional telecom services of voice and messaging  who are now running the danger of being free access zone

Different Internet packages are obviously going to affect the usage in the long term and preferential treatment is only going to cost the business model of OTT services. Due to major networking platforms like Google being server independent and providing the services at large no cost/no loss proportion, Data cap was a suitable paradigm so far. The Internet data was nondiscriminatory in nature and available in surplus. In case of OTT services and plus associated messaging services being charged in addition to data cap (limit of data usage according to price) and access-tiering (based on pricing depending on the specific content), it is a tough noose around the Internet user. In case of low competition, the market will soon develop strategies which will reflect the monotonous and only visually competitive environment. The consumer as always will be enlightened through readdress forums but importantly no challenge will be thrown by them.

Offering the OTT services as the Bulk User of Telecom Services (BuTS) is highly appreciative, because it is deemed that consumer drives the core net neutrality concept of the Internet. However, the OTTs became popular due to free access Internet zones to the Internet users. In case they are charged, there are chances that they find the competition is more stiff than usual. The free OTT services which are not based in India or use another free independent platform have marginally more gain in the long run. The neutrality is dependent on the cost effectiveness model with use of BuTS while it is important that the OTTs adopt fairness in their services by not diverting on the pathway which is price discriminatory in nature. Those OTT services which do not have associated communications services tie up with telecom sector should bear the brunt of not observing the market trends and other should be guided with relevant financial laws regarding their return of investment.
The Government can adopt a model to draw a line where the Internet serves as a zero depreciation value and from where on the OTTs are required to responsible for their financial log.

OTT: Over the Top content services include the Internet data of any type and form transmitted over the Internet without the involvement of unnecessary intermediaries.
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