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Kisan Rally and the Right Politics

Politics thrives on bad mouthing, scams and fast onto death. We, on the other hand, are on social media and new laws regulate our freedom of speech in most humane manner.

Many proposals have been put in the last month which reflect a common goal, progress for India. The progress is achieved in milestones. BJP or the government has directed the path in a manner of labor, corporate and citizen participation, leaving the opposition completely out of the game. It is like an formidable act they have created for themselves but only if this is possible.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi has come out of his thoughtful vacation to raise a valid point in favor of farmers. Whether the opposition, Congress, itself was responsible for it because they are not governing now or not was not a reason because this insight was totally left out. A proper debate is not only necessary, we hear no consistent dialogue between the farmers and the government. We cannot neglect till every morsel that gets down our throat asks for a thought.

Whether the previous government was responsible is yet another thoughtful question. Only when someone accepts a responsibility we understand the nature of the problem. Even the impact of an opposition raising a valid question means a possibility of a solution which was long neglected. So, it is not only the ruling party but when it was in opposition should decide about the success of overall program meant for the farmers.

In democratic but poorly oriented environment, we lose many times to the ruling government many sane proposals but the important is do we learn. Does the opposition or the one who is elected learn anything? The failure of previous scopes, does it mean anything to the ruling party. The ability to see through when the past problems to create a viable solution and much popular with everyone is another forte that BJP so far has demonstrated.

Not everything is under the umbrella since the Congress has raised another valid objection about the land bill, one should not forget about the technologies that are imported from outside or when new quotes or bills are passed the state of affairs.

The ruling government actually benefits from a proper discussion in the parliament. If we keep our mental blocks outside, we can see a clear picture or at least make an attempt to see one. We must award the Congress some points on the recent Kisan rally and hope the best will outcome of the same.


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