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Post 66A, Freedom Should be Omnipresent

Democracy is the essence of freedom in which the citizens breathe towards their evolution and that of the country. Revoking section 66A and granting the lease of internet freedom of speech, the Supreme court has led another step in corrective behavior for the Indian citizens. How charismatic it is in our diverse culture and the mundane life interspersed with complex events and dialogues or might be regular ones, on any pivotal event another grasp of events taking the form before it could turn any uglier.

But yet, we have to go to the Supreme court. There is no idea regarding the non-scrutinizing but gullible eyes that unable to see through the whole process, often even the victim reduces the matter beyond the social scrutiny, lead to other problems. Internet freedom is achieved, but what about the distinguish between the cultural potholes which can be greatly curbed.

You know why, because today person from lower caste (jati) is an advocate or a lawyer or a lecturer or an academician. These people cannot control their own destinies and are moving along with the tide. Cultural maltendencies can be devolved once people look back at their own and try to improve their impressions. However, it is not what the general outlook should be.

Women empowerment movement got its roots and strength both from independent, struggling women fighting for a voice and the government but have you ever observed why for so long, a better known species remained in the background. Because of their histories, the general perception which we fight even today of being weaker sex and yes, not only the matter have made women incompetent of handling some affairs, men too. Professionalism involves the skills and up to level both the sexes can acquire to perform for their good and for betterment of the society.

The lingering aspects are not wrought by this knowledge of capacity but because of mighty strings attached behind a woman's success. About a man, it is said that a woman is responsible. The same cannot be said about a woman. These general perception affect us in more than one way. It is hilarious to how equal status would have allowed us to work on more better situations. For ex., in normally understanding the health is not affect due to donation of certain organ. See, this knowledge is medical in nature and is difficult to understand beyond every kind of bias which one class may rule out and other cannot. The enlightened masses however, gain far more then slicing through the crowd.

It is advisable to illustrate a desirability rather than a particular quality related to either sex, class, religion and what not. The biases, discrimination has to go away before the Supreme Court could flung into action. Believe me, societies change seeing the regional culture and families change due to better societies, and that is why even desirability factor works, a tool the government uses and is right.

Meantime, I really congratulate the lawyer Shreya Singhal for going ahead with the case and the Supreme Court for taking this decision and keeping the light burning for the right direction.


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