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Putting the Lid Back on The Lighter

Replacing the male chauvinism at the offices when the men would snuggle in the vapor with a jovial look at their female co-worker to health hazards related to the smoking affecting the general masses serving as an orientation to give up smoking, tobacco warnings have really covered a road.

Yet the Centre required to pass the regulation to increase up to 85% visibility of tobacco warnings on the tobacco products. Sincerely, the women wait for a male to take an initiate to stop smoking in the public. Only an embarrassment of the smoker can save them at places where they are not regular. Authority to observe the rules came from two reasons; One, it constitutes passive smoking so public places and working places are included. While publicly, people still frown on these rules but the offices, restaurants, hotels and other big houses are keeping their guests free from the menace while respecting the right of the smoker for recreational smoking by providing the smoking rooms.

When a person has done with public places, his/her home constitutes a personal space where no legal law comes to rescue unless the occupants file a domestic negligence due to use of tobacco. At public places, almost everywhere in India now either due to strong diaspora or globalization, the people never thwart a smoker from harming their health. The general excuse is what harm would happen within 15 – 20 mins of waiting time at bus stops, waiting rooms, etc. General and ignorant masses still involve in hero worshipping where the masochism is displayed with fervent smoking and show of strength. This also put the germ in the minds of children, who are least responsible for reporting the incident, when they watch in public men and/or women indulged in smoking and treated with respect.

Second reason is the smoker becomes conscious of only one’s personal health. He/She takes no liability towards the society. He/She does not assume one’s responsibility to play a role but to indulge including recreational smoking once there is privilege to do so. The 85% display would certainly do more than a thought that arrives when one holds the pack but the hoardings and advertisements at pivotal points will let the public gain confidence and deal with the offenders at the public places. The pollution is already becoming a general nuisance at all the major cities and due to the roads and places highly congested with people and air particulates.

It is important that the companies promote a healthy lifestyle and gradually reduce the capacity of their smoking zones. Social hubs where too smoking zones are real havens after a long day, can regulate by promoting entertainment which encourages the people with healthy outlook to participate. The positive role emancipation comes by targeting the common factors behind the smoking urges. Will 85% pictorial warnings do any good in this regard? Generally, it is about open and closed places and then gradually to overcome one's shortcoming because of being the shadow in the society.

The general masses definitely celebrate the Centre's decision and look for a definite improved behaviour among the smokers. Will the privileged classes still hide in the closet to get that whiff and come to understand the lines they have crossed so far?


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