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The One that Sounds Like Meat

Obviously, it is not coming from your plate or palate. Let me differ no more, when the news are in circulation about "The Cow" as Shashtra Mata I quiver with the discovery of bones in my pav bhaji at a reasonable restaurant. Our MPs and leaders might insist on being purified or healed with the touch of Gau Mata but when I under a mute disposition pray that Hinduism might be able to clean my mind, bring me rest I feel unsure. For me, differing on the food components is as essential as to a supposition that a human being is required to fill one's stomach. Still it is wide chasm between what we are answerable for and what really goes well with our gastrointestinal juices.

For all times I have come to realize one thing, it is not discovering a bad peanut at end of the wholesome snack in your mouth ruining all the taste, especially if it is in your mouth not elses. I am required to take a decision rather than luck can struck something out for me. It is not comforting at all. Yes, restaurant owners are not biased or racist. They do not give, they give, they do not give as according to prevalent sentimentality. One quick marketing tip for them would be an Indian is no longer a Bharat Son or Daughter, so don't expect from them a sacrosanct behavior.

There is no moral dilemma here, you know. Can you for a moment think about the globalisation, no one company cares that you come from India or Afghanistan (In short time). All they need is the quality of work and the ethics and it comes from observing the local culture and being very tolerant of it. Rest the speed of internet is so fast that till someone reasonably stand to prove a thing or two about the various causes, the masses have already gulped down their slice of supposed gluttony.

India is gradually making an effort to establish the farmer's destiny in terms of national identity and for them, the cow is one of mantra that could not only provide sustenance but also the same ethics and work principles the NRIs, expats are working on hard to retain their global positions. For them, it is about liberalization but the state of farmers is cruel. It is about the scent of the earth, the purity and essence of the cow's products. This idea is hard at home front to put across because the benefactor himself is in the conundrum of survival.

Anyway, the global companies are already rooting for food services at their quarters which involves broad spectrum products such as algae to alleviate the cultural distortions and sensitivity of their employees. Meantime, the people can you look a little well at your plate. Is it only the beef because you know the cow well and the buffalo is another option in range of meats that you go for? The restaurants might have to take the blunt of irate nationalistic Indians, in certain case. Another tip is obviously to suggest other variety of international cuisine and believe me, Indians will be accommodating when accompanied with health benefiting sutras and up front popular eating practices.


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