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The Other Side of the Coin - Make In India

Proposals like Make In India are running high on our expectations and why should not they. Time and again I will emphasize on the fact that we are becoming highly oriented and unmatchable workforce due to our diverse cultures and habits. We learn correlate to the world in better way than anything else in this super duper nuclear age. This labor has done in comparison to other countries, including China an impressive work overseas. Our relations with countries like Yemen have helped us solve the chaos related to external affairs in a short span.

So, why we should overlook our abilities at home. Welcoming the technologies and ideas from the countries around the world, we are opening those frontiers. Learning to develop new techniques and implementing them, we have done all but still the world looks upon us for something they have and how we should interpret our understanding of them. Make In India has only benefits associated with them is not an understatement however, we should not ignore the other side of the coin.
For the project Make In India, the government needs land and it is questionable why this land should only come from farmers. Is the reality is that we have exhausted all the surplus and barren land and there is high capita farming land available which should be put to right use for development and infrastructure.

The farmers have suffered every season in most parts of our country due to erratic weather and loss of crops. There are number of other reasons that eat up their livelihood such as return of investment that get demurred in the long chain of brokers. It is easy to take in confidence the foreign players, the citizens of India because everything is on papers and the terms are clear and stringent. They are weather-proof and suffer no damage with almost 99% guarantee.

In the farmers’ case, everything is unbelievably unrealistic. Why the government (even previous) never thought of a national disaster management team specifically for the farmers because there is almost nothing in their hands, except their fields. The whole agricultural business runs in the hands of what appears to be self-acclaimed corporate. The loan proposal put by the prime minister through Jan Dhan scheme in the banks is appreciable. I can in fact, remember going to a bank in remote village and the laziness of a day spent by the people in the common tasks of depositing and withdrawing money from their bank. The banks are like the little clay pots which the children are really fond of.
Jan Dhan scheme is more serious than that but sorry, Mr. Narendra Modi isn’t it a little too late for it. You can accuse the opposition for it. We will approve it because we want solutions and at any rate. Give them better other small time jobs, transparency over the farm prices, direct control over the prices of their goods, we run short of suggestions. In fact, we are frustrated.

The reason is the way the news of suicide spreads and forego so easily and but lingers over the time, it appears that human life is the last resort and how grave is that. We cannot expect the person with reasonable deposits and a standard life in the face of calamity taking one’s own life. Another suggestion withheld is to give the farmers more outreach voice, because a span of remaining 4 years between the opposition and the ruling most of will take route, yet the history of suicides and calamity stretches till we can too remember.

We do not expect, a layperson’s guide you know, that scientific help will be on the way. Better storage spaces, a farming culture promoted and acknowledged, opportunities for the farmers in other job sectors because they arrive on platform where their knowledge is enriched and recognized by India will ever happen.

We do not stigmatize, after all, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has came from a long sabbatical and Mr. Narendra Modi from an appreciable foreign trip.


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