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What's in the Valley for Kashmiri Pundits

Under inclusive Kashmiriyat, Kashmiri pundits are encouraged by the government to settle in the valley. Despite a foregone era of terrorism and one which is fought due to overwhelming support for democracy, it is sad that this has become impossible. A J&K MLA might have drawn flak from Twitter but the valley has observed a shutdown after an announcement regarding building township for Kashmiri pundits. The reasons have been abundant. The migration of Kashmiri pundits have resulted in two actions, one is loss of cultural and social amalgamation and second is disinterest in establishing a present conduct of civilization. However scarring are the incidents of terrorism but when the normal life returns, the genuine threatening reasons remain from within. Not just the local citizens but the system is so developed that unless the total inclusivity is employed and guidelines are laid, the growth becomes impossible.

Kashmir is dominated by Islam and Hinduism. In absence of Kashmiri pundits seeking no resolution, it becomes hot bed for religious extremism. Any method to conduct the religious/spiritual events related to the valley are inappropriate in the long run as the wall is raised between the road and the surrounding area by which means there is transparency of intolerance certainly not a welcoming gesture. Kashmiri pundits or else a strong ideological regional Hindu agenda is required to form a bridge for all. The government however, seeks for a proper settlement for those who want to return back and also those who can decline but cannot ignore their deep and vast roots still settled in the Kashmir.

It is important that this should not become a political cause but strategies should be employed so that administrative powers should act as constructive rather than divisive forces for the benefit of all the communities. The valley has lot of scars related to refugee camps, AFSPA, rapes, murders, etc. No resettlement can come with terms with those who have long been staying and undergone this treatment. A mere news raises such dissension among the people while every year we struggle to find whether there is enough efficiency achieved in case of floods and torrential rains in the valley. Kashmiri pundits are required to show a strong resolution in case they want to settle back. It is as tough as for others, in fact a little easier for them.


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