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Reading news on Aruna's culprit and another family who wants to give up on their all children suffering from neurological diseases. In another country, a perfectly placed person with guidance of his family, relations and of concerned at work passed away in young age. I feel the world must be working with lot of philosophy and religion and timely, this order is becoming part of internet life too.

wanted to write a haiku

Hit By The Sun Yet

Bus rides in June and July are most unwelcome, while no one opens the windows but the dripping sweat wets up where the embarrassment is common among passengers. The traditional practice of not to directly drink water by sipping from bottle mouth but instead let the liquid flow from an inch distance by titling the bottle might be as popular but everyone moves with their own beverages these times.

Last time, the buses skipped the Nirjala Ekadeshi camp offerings of sweetened water and light meal it was not strange. However looking at the headings which are yet not "Breaking News", we face the question of those who are really in need of this mercy. Right before June arrives and the wind full of top soil has seemed to settle, yet the wafts of dry air (Lu) have started to frighten. It is only the reminder of perspiration which is yet not sticking to us with dirt.

How many would know the difference, a cobbler who happily erases these beads off his forehead as more pe…


It is too quiet here that I can hear an ant's crawl and to think of a mendicant who may supply the answers to all the diversified questions but importantly what is the purpose. A mind test pops up at Facebook wall, an advertisement more correctly. Even in these seconds of ambiguity, I can laugh because I am confident that my speed with use of arrow keys on far end of laptop (which I hardly use) is not going to cause me memory or action deficit.

all the loose wires
in retrospect my humility
shakes me off too


ग्रीष्म एक और दिन...
निर्जला एकादशी

थोडा घूम कर
यह रास्ता धीमे कदमो मे
चला ग्रीष्म

कोई भी पेड़ हो
चहक उसकी

बगीचे मे बात
बोरे पर बैठी मधुमखिया

The Moral Conduct - How Aruna Shanbhag Should Matter

Even in the God’s own country, we do not expect incredulous from the situations complicated and bizarre. The fine line is demarcated, whether not for the politicians, police, bureaucrat or a layperson.
What do we expect when a person lie in vegetative state for 42 years because someone assaulted her stopping flow of oxygen to her brain? Aruna Shanbhag case is a special one, it asks us about the human dignity. Whether we should wait for 42 years or nip it when it is quite clear for any misery is according to wise should be left to medics.

Time and again, we want death by hanging to be repealed. Certain cases like Nirbhaya brought the focus back, largely due to public anger and a necessity that anyone should be able to understand one’s moral duty when in the society. Aruna’s case was complicated in sense that no layperson can easily fathom till the suffering is greater in sense. Is sodomizing by itself less cruel? The innocents being molested in the schools, by a neighbor…


Working with paper set of certain width after fusing with durable rough sheets, there is the chalk I specially procured from Punjab which is also used in coloring or whitewashing the buildings Brick Red. As I smear my imagination, I discover no one can escape the language of the color itself to tame it or to fulfill the desire.

the sun will speak for
this summer day

Helping Oneself NGOs and the Government

Miracle cures, you must have read few posters in the narrow ways, over the poles, plastered on most crude and sketchy places where advertisement looks as instant panacea. Even the literate under the sun does not mind to amuse oneself with the happenstance of survival out of the least. NGOs have same effect, believe me or not, when in long term it does remain the revival of some truth but for the existentialism of it.

The truth is every NGO is though not the same, runs on a principle or a boarder subject to which underlying causes or circumstances have long become useless in order to substantiate the morality of those who are benefited by them. For example, every human has the right to wish for a boy or a girl to be born but when he/she starts to interfere in the natural process and legality of it, all reasons becomes irrelevant and education/enlightenment takes precedence.

Done this, NGOs have nowhere to move on to. There is often a bond with the masses to whom they cat…

Becoming Me

In a daybreak of my solitude
name it those emotions far where 
the sun shines equally yet the fair side of the earth,
my hands turn clumsy
because of the weather to sit thus with excuses
is no possibility,
tilting me those axis as they are 
the room is filled with happiness and energy
in bonds 
my mind is where my body
rests in its space and slowly
like the rhythm or a song 
an angular curve I have to take
becoming me is too a history.


A dhalia flowerbed, many of those passing away, the scent of days not to choose from, not to be bothered about the loss. A pluck is only to be cautious of the thorns. Being the butterfly of a garden: wings span of the sky, music is created, dance is created from nowhere.

racemose inflorescence from where stems my yearn to know


Kashmir, What to do What to Leave

If there are three parallel lines of crisis in Kashmir today, I can draw many more. Resettlement issue of Kashmiri pandits, terrorism and youth employment, to choose any one of them on a priority basis is useless. There is already a disagreement because the obvious is what is visible to the naked eye and it is to negate the resettlement of Kashmiri pandits citing that they did not enough worked around during terrorism. The beguile part of Kashmiri villages still have militants on loose trips and the leaders like Masarat Alam do not refrain from playing with the cold set in the hearts. Both we and the leaders know that fire and cold are equally destructible and thus, when religious extremism has to be dealt with, India lets Kashmiri pandits too decide for a decent future for themselves.

Terrorism is still a rampant issue and it gets uglier in their seasons and reasons. To think of above consequences, our first instinct tells us to focus on the normalcy in the valley whic…


A Part of Me

I remember outings with my family but now alone in this city, why must I visit Rose garden. Not quite people too can understand how my soul rests here while like a bewildered onlooker, one might start to nurse thoughts of having a book to read or imagine a nearby nut tree to which the squirrels do not frequent much from its surroundings.

taking me
beyond the self
the scent of roses
where I could

Throwing Moga Girl, What is the Reason for Such Rebuttal

We have to invoke the God for the follies done by a man or a group of them when a girl of minor age is thrown out of the bus. We can do so. There is no need for explanation because after all the family must be visiting the Gurudwara for the peace of her soul. The state of affairs are bad in Punjab that provides spiritual excuses which even the God may forbid in a lapse of this nature.

The State government should know that to uphold the religion and to imply the cultural reasons are one thing and to provide the justice to one is another. The common person that too in the discomforting situation involving the strangers, at strange place could be an instrumental in sorts of ethics and attitude which the people lack.

The justice to a common man is one of the bizarre thing according to any populist thought because the war or the emphasis till now has remained to project the wide values of religion, nationhood, statehood, local culture. How long it could be so? The minors are…