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I Choose Beautiful but Do Dove

The idea behind advertisement is to bring the focus of the customers to some product or service. In any country or the world with advancing generations at altered ideologies each day, it is becoming rampant among the major houses/brands to use viral marketing. The side effects of any viral marketing campaign is that they take the users for guaranteed while never admitting they are playing hide and seek with their favorite reformed choices. No, not today when the blind, the acid attack victim, the molested, the underage, the woman who has been denied justice stand on the same platform.

It is a fact that any person (only few exceptions) do not retain their stereotypical attitude out of compulsion, illiteracy or a stigma. People do evolve with times and once they break the barriers in order to be pleasant, to be familiar and friendly with others in the society. Any malignant notion is not respected which in general can cause discomfort to masses.

So, why a beauty or toiletry product uses the door concept "of letting in new thoughts or supporting the innate belief" rather than putting the best incidents of womanhood as an example. There are many instances during a woman's life that brings us to mute acceptance about the concept of their beauty. I am not against this skepticism but do major brands are able to maintain a separate and unique identity when it comes to their products.

Is Dove asking a general choice of appearance, I do not want to admit. I personally do not use their products but I know the quality and consider a thumbs up from me. It is conflicting in the brand imaging to test the core feminine issues. What I think, you think, sometimes remain irrelevant. The situations are not about always being on the positive side and taking a stand is often masked by other abilities which the society acknowledges in common goodwill. I feel it is not fair to trade with higher concepts/complex situations. It is necessary for any woman to gradually become conscious of her beauty, both internal and external and be able to take decision too and able to express them through their choices. As I said before, there are ways.

To take the role of social reformer, a commentator or being a strategist does no good, believe me. Numerous organizations are burning both ends of the candle to work towards their individual goals and they are hardly distinguished while their tasks priority is insurmountable. It is important that the companies like Dove should refrain to act as Universal Feminist, but stick better guns to the real agenda behind their products.


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