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The Moral Conduct - How Aruna Shanbhag Should Matter

Even in the God’s own country, we do not expect incredulous from the situations complicated and bizarre. The fine line is demarcated, whether not for the politicians, police, bureaucrat or a layperson.
What do we expect when a person lie in vegetative state for 42 years because someone assaulted her stopping flow of oxygen to her brain? Aruna Shanbhag case is a special one, it asks us about the human dignity. Whether we should wait for 42 years or nip it when it is quite clear for any misery is according to wise should be left to medics.

Time and again, we want death by hanging to be repealed. Certain cases like Nirbhaya brought the focus back, largely due to public anger and a necessity that anyone should be able to understand one’s moral duty when in the society. Aruna’s case was complicated in sense that no layperson can easily fathom till the suffering is greater in sense. Is sodomizing by itself less cruel? The innocents being molested in the schools, by a neighbor, or even parent, is it okay.

We in India, take pride in our philosophy that has allowed us to live and manage diversity. While the whole world is embroiled in issue of deep chasm, here we within the territory of some kilometers live in harmony with people who not only have different opinions but also behave differently on common issues.

Yet, here we are scared to talk about rape, molestation, teasing, sodomy, marital rape, domestic abuse and a lot of issues. We let the victim lurk in dark, face her challenges alone on ventilator, in coma, in vegetative state. We should be glad we at least spoke in case of Nirbhaya but many cases will still go lightly. Since there are always more than one face of these situations, women are also not always right, we tend to argue.

Aruna Shanbhag however, shakes us out of our inhibition. It tells us to discuss, debate, to start forming ideas and solutions. How we should treat the victim? How we should as a society educate ourselves? How we should minimize this trend of human suffering? How brutality should be condemned? How even a dog is better, who does not evolve to become a monster or a sinner?
Human beings are supposedly even by their bodily virtue can be quite hostile. There is no restraint when the technology or even techniques like use of iron rod is applied in carrying out the misdemeanor. Police is doing the work, working on new methodologies but something cruel like this often, almost everyday is grabbing the headlines nowadays. The justice system and education system possibly lack some orientation but importantly, it is us. The public even in its absence has an impression on the mind of a person. How often have you wandered in the night but never committed a theft, or a murder. It is not how we are, it is how the society works.

Even an individual upbringing and personal orientation is important. It is important to understand where the crime ratio is increasing, there is some dangerous mindset evolving. We should better watch and resolve for some action, till it strikes any of us.


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