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The New India

Make In India influences us in ways novel and intricate. When the industrial revolution came, hundreds lost their jobs due to replacement by machines but gradually a consensus is drawn because of demand ratio. There is basis for the success while the failure that local labor suffered was somewhat chaotic to address. Mr. Narendra Modi has addressed this problem with land ordinance bill and by directly harnessing the great resource of India, its labor force. During the past trip to France and Germany, umpteen efforts have been put to bring this issue to forefront. For the Make In India project, the promises have been made to clear all the barricades to pitch the right industries. The Make in India lion symbol emphasizes that it is not a regional or local development project but an overall including infrastructure, healthcare, transport, education, and civil nuclear development to shape India for a future that is long languishing as mole patches on a beautiful face.

India is leading among the developing countries among the world financial countries and occupies new and strong positions in the global reform and work organizations, currently pitching for UN Security Council due to her long-standing trustworthy commitments to the world.

Despite being one of the most attractive tourist places in the world due to its rich and indigenous diversified culture, the people are on the regular basis gathering new skills and making themselves acquainted with the things on the block. It is right time to harness such ability under a good governance and providing the right tools. In the past the labor was defined as per the local skills and demand but slowly the businesses came with the dream to fulfill the demands on the large scale. The labor gradually became more skill-oriented but with better connectivity of roads and availability of resources now anywhere in the country, the skills have grown into new dimension. The demand has changed from national to international in scope.

Since the learning curve is already on the steady level, the other requirement is of better tools and work practices. The government has done a marvelous job in understanding the need of new India. Hopefully, we will able to tell the world about our products and project our identity in a better way. We must welcome this proposal because we do not want to be lurking in the light and waiting for someone to tell about us.


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Today showered again the sky I wondered if soaking the streets I choose to ignore.
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