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Throwing Moga Girl, What is the Reason for Such Rebuttal

We have to invoke the God for the follies done by a man or a group of them when a girl of minor age is thrown out of the bus. We can do so. There is no need for explanation because after all the family must be visiting the Gurudwara for the peace of her soul. The state of affairs are bad in Punjab that provides spiritual excuses which even the God may forbid in a lapse of this nature.

The State government should know that to uphold the religion and to imply the cultural reasons are one thing and to provide the justice to one is another. The common person that too in the discomforting situation involving the strangers, at strange place could be an instrumental in sorts of ethics and attitude which the people lack.

The justice to a common man is one of the bizarre thing according to any populist thought because the war or the emphasis till now has remained to project the wide values of religion, nationhood, statehood, local culture. How long it could be so? The minors are projected by their parents to build a strong future because those on the underside are often unfortunate.

There are no such tales from small villages and towns. The people tend to shift with the trend, often avoiding the glaring circumstances which in the case of Moga girl was not possible. In fact, the society anywhere cannot become responsible because of some Indian from same or other ethnicity arriving in their city or place. However, the transport system is one of the professional services without which it is unimaginable to think of the life, of the work in daily life.

The services of driving a vehicle and conducting the passengers should be seriously undertaken. Is it necessary to make it anyway glamorous or respectable? If there is, bring up the solutions.

People are often keen to follow the instructions, like switching off blaring music, not to speak loudly, not throwing things out of the bus, not putting their limbs in the windows, etc. The issue has not been discussed and that largely puts an obstacle in providing the suggestions. The public which suffers, which travels at some interest wants to build a strong trust system. Hope the state government gives up their embarrassment, include the people in the process and open up reasonably on this incident.


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नदी के किनारे

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उसके किनारो पर|